February 11, 2016 | 1:38 pm

The Jacobs Institute is an interdisciplinary hub on Berkeley’s campus, and our diverse team reflects this. From our network of faculty and industry leaders to our in-house team of makers and mentors, we’re here to help you explore all things design. Meet the team. 

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Faculty Leadership




Program and Technical Staff

  • Lauren Ardis

    Public Programs & Communications Officer
    Jacobs Hall 103

    Lauren manages the Jacobs Institute’s public programs and communications in Jacobs Hall.
  • Amy Dinh

    Student Services & Programs Manager
    Jacobs Hall 103

    Amy manages student services and academic affairs for the Jacobs Institute; she creates and shares resources to help students and instructors. Contact her for advising about courses, programs, and other opportunities for exploring design or to suggest new resources for the Jacobs community.
  • Gary Gin

    Design Specialist
    Jacobs Hall 120

    Gary focuses on electronics and robotics. Contact him regarding Jacobs Hall’s spaces and tools for electronics-based making or to hear about his BattleBots experiences. Learn more or book office hours appointment.
  • Cody Glen

    Design Specialist
    Jacobs Hall 110

    Cody is a designer, fabricator, and roboticist whose work centers around surface rationalization and computational solutions for complex facade and enclosure problems. His interests are in computational design and digital fabrication and their roles within the greater discourse of design. Contact him about CNC fabrication, PCB fabrication, robotics, computation, optimization, and general design questions. Book office hours appointment.
  • Joey Gottbrath

    Technical Lab Director
    Jacobs Hall 110B

    Joey leads the technical team and is Jacobs Hall’s Technical Lab Director. Contact him for safety and technical issues. For equipment service requests, please open a ticket.
  • Adam Hutz

    Lecturer; Design Specialist
    Jacobs Hall 110

  • Aleta Martinez

    Administrative Officer
    Jacobs Hall 234

    Aleta serves as executive assistant to the Faculty Director and provides administrative and operational support. Contact her regarding building tours and upcoming events.
  • Drew Mason

    Information Systems Analyst

  • Nicole Panditi

    Design Technician

    Nicole is a design technician with a focus on 3D printing. She enjoys woodworking and permaculture. Contact her for help on your print or to chat about sustainability
  • Chris Parsell

    Design Specialist
    Jacobs Hall 120

    Chris brings broad experience in digital fabrication, from 3D modeling to laser-cutting. Contact him about high-end 3D printing or to hear about hacking shopbots to draw. Learn more or book office hours appointment.
  • Tyshon Rogers

    Student Services Advisor
    Jacobs Hall 234

    Tyshon manages student services and academic affairs for the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI) and provides student services support for the Jacobs Institute. Contact him for any questions about student resources, including certificate requirements and course eligibility for BCDI, scheduling, enrollment and advising.
  • Erik Sandall

    Operations Manager
    Jacobs Hall 110A

    Erik Sandall is a system administrator with a background in libraries and the software industry. He oversees makerspace digital infrastructure, including the Maker Pass access system and online material store. Contact Erik for all makerspace questions. To troubleshoot makerspace access issues, please try our online fix tool. To report that you have a new Cal 1 Card, please fill out this form.


Student Staff

  • Sravya Basvapatri

    Student Supervisor

    Sravya is an EECS + Business major interested in understanding how to use design to better consumer experiences. She loves to use her creativity to bring ideas to life and loves experimenting with new methods of creating. Originally from Philadelphia, Sravya is excited to be in Berkeley and exploring the Bay Area.
  • Megan Chai

    Student Creative Team

  • Cameron Chaney

    Student Supervisor

    Cameron is a Mechanical Engineering student interested quite simply in making. Whether that be skateboards or tuna melts, he doesn't care. He has a weird love for CAD and 3D printing, though he's keen to some time in the woodshop too.
  • Jon Couch

    Student Supervisor

    Jon is an Architecture major interested in design at all scales, from buildings to furniture and everything in between! In his free time, he likes to meditate, read Sci-Fi and explore new places in the Bay Area with friends.
  • Josh DeWitt

    Student Supervisor

    Josh D is a mechanical engineer who spends too much time and money on mechanical computer keyboards.  Besides creating at Jacobs, he plays Bass in Cal Band, spends hours trying to find the bathrooms in Hesse Hall, and plays bagpipes on the side.  If you listen carefully, you might find him screaming covers of band music late at night right before closing.
  • Andrew Ge

    Student Supervisor

    Andrew is a third year mechanical engineering student, interested in manufacturing. He is passionate about design thinking, coffee, and dance. He now has shorter hair.
  • Sabrina Hua

    Student Supervisor

    Sabrina is a mechanical engineering major, hoping to specialize in medical devices. She loves all things DIY and enjoys running, yoga, and corgis.
  • Nicholas Injo

    Student Supervisor

    Nick is a mechanical engineering student who is interested in robotics. Aside from working at Jacobs Hall, he enjoys playing racket sports, snowboarding, and getting lost in YouTube. He loves learning about all the cool projects going on throughout the makerspace.
  • Joelene Latief

    Student Supervisor

    Joelene Latief is an Engineering Undeclared student passionate about the intersection of design and tech. In her free time, she likes to play with her cats, make things, explore the city, and read new books.
  • Sangyeon Lee

    Student Supervisor

    Sangyeon takes interest in anything that involves creativity. When not in the makerspace, you might find her around campus building RC airplanes, logging specimens to the Essig Museum, or teaching a DeCal on drawing comics.
  • Taylor Lee

    Program Assistant

    Taylor is currently a freshman studying Bioengineering. As a program assistant, her role is to help organize everything that goes on in the building. When she's not here she's probably napping or watching The Office.  
  • Michael McNabb

    Student Supervisor

    Michael is a mechanical engineering and business administration major interested in clean energy, entrepreneurship, and transportation. In his free time, he's a competitive ballroom dancer, an autocross driver, and a calligrapher.
  • Tony Ngo

    Student Supervisor

    Tony is a Mechanical Engineering student, who is interested in robotics, UAVs, and racecars! He enjoys working on his own DIY projects, using equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and water jets.
  • Arianna Ninh

    Student Supervisor

    Arianna is a cognitive science major and professional couch potato, and she's interested in art, design, and sustainability. Aside from working on creative projects in Jacobs Hall, you can find her jamming out at concerts, doodling and painting on scraps, and exploring the Bay Area.
  • Katherine Qiu

    Student Supervisor

    Katherine is a CED Individual Major who is interested in creating well thought out experiences.  When not in prototyping at Jacobs, she loves drawing in her sketchbook, cooking with friends, reading the New Yorker, and tending to her many plants.
  • Eldon Schoop

    Project Lead & Principal Engineer, Maker Pass

  • April Sin

    Student Supervisor

    April is an Electrical Engineering & Computer Science transfer who is interested in robotics and design. She loves the makerspace because it is where technology and creativity comes together. When not prototyping at Jacobs, she likes to play music and do video production.


Faculty, Lecturers, and Mentors


Industry Advisory Board

  • Liam Casey

    Founder and CEO

  • Bran Ferren

    Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
    Applied Minds

  • Maria Giudice

    Rise of the DEO

  • Charles Huang

    Indigo 7

  • Paul Jacobs

    Chairman, Jacobs Institute Board
    Inventor / Investor

  • Dean Kamen

    Founder and President
    DEKA Research & Development Corp.

  • Tsu-Jae King Liu

    Dean, College of Engineering
    UC Berkeley

  • Zexiang Li

    Co-Founder, DJI, and Professor

  • Sonita Lontoh

    Global Head of Marketing, 3D Print & Digital Marketing

  • Jack McCauley

    ROR3 Devices

  • James Truchard

    Chairman of the Board
    National Instruments

  • Cher Wang

    Chairwoman, CEO, and President


Student Advisory Board

  • Larissa Arzaluz Ala

  • Cameron Chaney

  • Sona Dolasia

  • Michelle Gantos

  • Payton Goodrich

  • Mariela Hernandez

  • Eric Jacobs

  • Khaliun Khan-tushig

  • Victoria Lee

  • Shuge Luo

  • Ryan Sanjaya

  • Niki Shakouri

  • Wilson Torres





In Memoriam