July 25, 2016 | 4:09 pm

Design education at the Jacobs Institute

Here at the Jacobs Institute, we offer and host a wide range of hands-on design courses. No matter your major, you can explore the world of design through Design Innovation (DES INV) courses taught by our expert instructors, from introductory offerings in key skills like sketching and prototyping to capstone experiences in which interdisciplinary teams tackle real-world problems. Jacobs Hall also houses design-infused courses offered by a broad range of academic departments, allowing you to connect learning in your major field with human-centered design methodology and technical skills. Here, you’ll work in diverse teams, apply conceptual and technical knowledge, and create projects with real impact.

Jacobs Hall’s flexible teaching studios support innovative course formats and pedagogical approaches, and we welcome design-focused curriculum from all campus departments. The diverse mix of perspectives that comes together at Jacobs Hall creates a constantly evolving community of learning and doing design.

For undergraduate offerings, new DES INV courses are reviewed by the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI) Academic Committee. For courses at the graduate level within our Master of Design program (MDes), new courses are reviewed by the Education Committee.

If you would like to see examples of student work created at Jacobs, please visit our Student Project page, as well as the archived site for our Design Showcase, a semesterly event that highlights student projects from courses offered at Jacobs.

Course listings: Discover hands-on design courses spanning a wide range of topics and focus areas.    Curricular Pathways: Check out certificate programs that provide pathways for delving into design.
Course enrollment policies: View information on enrollment in DES INV courses.    For instructors: Learn how to hold a course in Jacobs Hall and find resources for current instructors.