Colorful 3D prints and tagged brown paper bags sit on a table awaiting pick-up by their makers.

Making at Jacobs

July 6, 2021 | 10:10 am

Accessing the Makerspace

Maker Pass

Available to UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, the Maker Pass is a point of entry to hands-on making in Jacobs Hall and the CITRIS Invention Lab. With this semesterly pass, campus community members from all departments can access workspaces and use equipment on a drop-in basis, including during extended access hours (evenings and weekends) at Jacobs Hall.

Whether working on a class assignment or building a passion project, you can find space, tools, and resources for bringing ideas to life here. From the student creating her first 3D print in a Jacobs Hall Makerspace to the researcher assembling an interactive device in the Invention Lab, the Maker Pass community is a diverse, active source of new ideas and collaborations.

All currently active UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, from any department, are eligible to receive a Maker Pass. Individuals who are in Jacobs-affiliated courses or programs, or conducting faculty-sponsored research, are able to register for a Maker Pass at any point during the semester. Each term, a limited number of Community Maker Passes are also reserved for students, staff, and faculty who do not already qualify for a Maker Pass through one of the aforementioned avenues. Community Maker Passes are available on a first come, first served basis.

Jacobs Project Support (JPS)

The Jacobs Hall technical team has developed a project support service that allows eligible students, faculty, and staff to submit formatted part files for fabrication and pick-up. We offer a variety of fabrication methods, including metal/wood/acrylic laser cutting, 3D printing, and most of the other rapid prototyping processes. The program is intended to support research, academic, and co-curricular projects with technical fabrication support through a standardized request system, virtual design support, and safe parts pick up. Access to the program is offered campus-wide, with priority based on tier assignment during busier times.

Learn more and get started on our JPS page.

Makerspace Resources

In addition to workspace and equipment, Maker Pass users have access to a variety of resources for prototyping and fabrication at Jacobs Hall. For information about resources available at the CITRIS Invention Lab, visit the Invention Lab’s website.

Equipment Trainings

Training is unique to each tool.  Some tools require virtual training and passing a quiz; some require virtual training as well as hands-on training.  Hands-on trainings are only available in the first half of each semester, and only availalbe to current Makerpass holders.  See upcoming hands-on trainings and sign up for a session.  Seats are limited; please be mindful of  fellow Maker Pass holders and only sign up for sessions if you are able to attend.

Design Specialists

Jacobs Hall Design Specialists provide equipment training, guidance, and mentorship to the Jacobs Hall community. From a robotics expert to an artist who explores intersections of traditional craft and digital fabrication, our design specialists bring wide-ranging backgrounds to their roles and serve as resources for Maker Pass users. Meet the design specialist team and see their schedules or sign up for office hours.


Maker Pass holders can sign up for free workshops to explore new skills and projects. Our workshops provide opportunities to dive into an in-depth project with a design specialist and share key skills.

Material Store

The Jacobs Hall Material Store has materials available for Maker Pass holders to purchase at low cost. Users can place orders online and pick up their purchases from a design specialist at Jacobs Hall. Check out the store.