Jacobs Hall Courses, Fall 2022

Interested in gaining new design skills or diving into a hands-on learning experience? Explore the Jacobs-affiliated courses for the fall 2022 semester here.

March 6, 2015 | 5:13 pm

A range of courses take place in Jacobs Hall. The Jacobs Institute’s expert instructors offer interdisciplinary Design Innovation (DES INV) courses, which include both lower-division entry points to design skills and project-based capstone experiences. Jacobs Hall also hosts courses taught by faculty in a range of departments, as well as student-led DeCals that focus on design. These offerings contribute to a highly diverse, frequently evolving educational environment.

Fall 2022 courses are listed below. Looking for other academic information? To learn about courses taught in other semesters, visit the course archive. For questions about enrollment in DES INV courses, consult our course enrollment policies.