Jeffrey Lubow


Jeffrey Lubow is an interdisciplinary designer, researcher, and artist concerned with the space between the body and emergent technology. His influences include a number of mentors and colleagues the likes of David Wessel, Leslie Stuck, John Bischoff, Carl Kurtz, and Patrick Clancy. He has collaborated with David Wessel, Adrian Freed, John MacCallum, Tarek Atoui, Laetitia Sonami, Greg Niemeyer, Pauline Oliveros, Po Shu Wang, and Meyer Sound. He has premiered work at the Bergen Assembly, EMPAC, ZKM Berlin, Beirut Art Center, BAMPFA Matrix, SPARK festival. In 2008 Jeffrey commenced a research position at CNMAT, UC Berkeley, focusing on music technology and media programming. He later occupied the role of CNMAT’s Music Systems Designer, which included development of gestural interfaces for music, instruments for the deaf, the ODOT programming environment, and R&D of new compositional and improvisational tools. He is currently on the O.SE/ODOT development team, and a lecturer of Technology Design Foundations in the MDes program at UC Berkeley.