Virtual Workshops

June 7, 2020 | 8:29 am

Intro to Rhino • Led by Cody Glen
Topics: Rhino
Alternating Mondays @ 10:00 AM (9/14 | 9/28 | 10/12 | 10/26)

In this workshop, Design Specialist Cody Glen will demonstrate the fundamentals of Rhino 3D, and introduce attendees to basic concepts of 3d modeling. The workshop will concentrate on design for fabrication, proper geometry, and best-practices.

Email Cody:
Must have Rhino installed prior to joining the workshop

Fusion 360 Weekly • Led by Nicole Panditi
Topics: 3D modeling in Fusion 360
Wednesdays @ 3:30 PM

Looking for a place to get started in Fusion 360? Complete weekly CAD modeling challenges with Nicole to improve your skills!

Email Nicole:
Required materials: Fusion360, download is free for students
Relevant links: Fusion

Generative Art using Processing • Led by Chris Parsell
Topics: Programming, Processing, Generative Art, Computational Art,
Alternating Wednesdays @ 12:00 PM (9/9 | 9/23 | 10/7 | 10/21)

Generative art is art programmed using a computer that intentionally introduces randomness as part of its creation process. In this workshop, Chris Parsell will introduce the beginner’s fundamentals for creating visual sketches using Processing, a coding language designed for visual artists (and engineers, architects, app designers, and graphic designers). We will learn how to draw basic geometries, create interactive programs, and add some controlled chaos into our sketches. Processing was made for non-programmers to use so no programming skill is necessary. Each week, the content of this workshop will vary and new techniques will be introduced.

Email Chris: 
Recommended materials and links: Please have Processing installed. Go to and download the Processing sketchbook app

Topics: Arduino, microcontrollers, simple circuits
Thursdays @ 3:00

In this workshop we will use an Arduino microcontroller and peripheral hardware to complete one new project per week, with each week building on the skills of prior weeks. We will start from zero–what is a microcontroller??–and proceed through a series of projects that will familiarize you with the many uses of microcontollers. This workshop will use most of the elements in the Smraza Uno project starter kit, and so that particular kit is highly recommended. You will also need Arduino IDE, available from the link below.

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