Virtual Workshops

June 7, 2020 | 8:29 am

Rhino Playground • Led by Cody Glen
Topics: Rhino
Time: TBD

In this workshop, Design Specialist Cody Glen will demonstrate the fundamentals of Rhino 3D, and introduce attendees to basic concepts of 3d modeling. The workshop will concentrate on design for fabrication, proper geometry, and best-practices. Content of each week will be determined, in part, by the interests of participating members, so feel free to bring your own CAD-related questions and interests!

Email Cody:
Must have Rhino installed prior to joining the workshop

Fusion 360: Getting Started • Led by Nicole Panditi
Topics: 3D modeling in Fusion 360
Time: TBD

Looking for a place to get started in Fusion 360? Complete weekly CAD modeling challenges with Nicole to improve your skills!

Email Nicole:
Required materials: Fusion360, download is free for students
Relevant links: Fusion

Past Workshops:

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