Sudhu Tewari


Sudhu Tewari been described as “bricoleur”, “junkyard maven”, and “audio- gadgeteer”. He invents, designs and builds musical instruments from whatever materials are to hand—kinetic and sound sculptures, interactive installations, audio electronics, and wearable sound art. Along with Fred Frith, Sudhu is one half of the home-made instrument duo Normal, and has performed in this and other configurations in Europe, Japan and the USA. His visual and interactive art has been exhibited in spaces large and small, including the Exploratorium and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Tech Museum in San Jose, the Oakland Museum of California, and PROGR and the Laboratoire Village Nomade in Switzerland. Sudhu teaches electronics and sound art, and continues to build and perform with self-governing musical systems and self-built musical instruments. Relentless curiosity and delight in unlikely solutions to intractable problems are manifest in all of his work.