Student Resources

March 19, 2015 | 10:08 pm

Whether you have been making and sketching since childhood or are just starting to wonder what this design thing is all about, there is a place at Jacobs Hall for you. Students from all backgrounds, disciplines, and experience levels are welcome here.

Explore design at Jacobs Hall

Learn design by doing design by taking an interdisciplinary, project-based design class. Gain hands-on design experience through getting a Maker Pass to explore, prototype, and tinker. Engage with visionary designers and makers while attending one of the events organized by the Jacobs Institute and other campus groups. Join the vibrant student community and get involved with some of the many design-focused student groups at Berkeley, many of which hold club meetings and events in Jacobs Hall. Take your projects to the next level by applying for the Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts student grant program and gain valuable academic design research experience through the Berkeley Engineering Design Scholar Program.

Looking for advice?

The Jacobs Institute’s student services advisor, Amy Dinh, can help you figure out how to take advantage of the design opportunities at Jacobs, on campus and beyond, in ways that fit with your interests and goals. Get in touch with her through this appointment scheduler, emailing, or visiting 103 Jacobs Hall. The Jacobs Design Specialists can help if you seek technical advice on bringing your design ideas to reality. They are available for office hours appointments as well as drop-in guidance. The Jacobs Design Fellows are design practitioners who bring diverse areas of expertise to the Jacobs Institute; you can find them during the office hours, talks, or workshops that they hold throughout the year, or reach out to them directly.

Student roles at Jacobs: Discover volunteer and employment opportunities at the Jacobs Institute.Student group resources: Learn how to use Jacobs Hall for club meetings, events, DeCals, and more. Campus resources: Check out resources and opportunities from Berkeley’s broader design innovation ecosystem.