Pierluigi Dalla Rosa


Pierluigi is an artist, designer, leader, inventor, and educator with a passion for the medium of computation. With extensive experience in both in-house and consulting roles, he has helped to build and ship forward-looking products for companies such as Apple, NIO, Panasonic, and Philips. Currently, he is driving innovation and building the future of computing at Humane. His commitment to crafting experiences and artifacts that elevate human intellect and unleash creative potential is the cornerstone of his professional ethos. He actively explores the space at the intersection of sustainability and computing and other areas of interest include collective and spatial computing, as well as exploring computation outside traditional devices. Pierluigi is a visiting professor at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and faculty at Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation at Berkeley University, where he inspires students to envision new narratives about a future with sustainable practices in technology. He hold a master’s degree in Cinema and Media Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and he is an alumnus of the interaction design program at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.