Student Roles at Jacobs

August 21, 2017 | 10:07 am

Are you a current Berkeley student looking for ways to get more involved with the Jacobs student community? This page describes some avenues for you to help build the community at Jacobs Hall.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Student Advisory Board

The Jacobs Institute Student Advisory Board (SAB) helps to ensure that the opinions, needs, and interests of the student community are taken into account during strategic planning and program development. Though the Jacobs Institute may not be able to act upon all of the suggestions offered by the SAB, its input will be taken seriously. SAB members should be invested in the design community at Berkeley and represent diverse perspectives from the student community. Members commit to:

  • Being on the SAB for the full academic year
  • Attending one to two 1.5 hour SAB meetings per semester (separate from the grant program events)
  • Serving on the review committee for the Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts grant program*, and being liaisons to grantees throughout the semester (e.g., attending grant events, suggesting resources, etc.)
  • Responding to ad hoc requests for feedback from Jacobs staff throughout the year
  • Staying informed about Jacobs resources and helping to share this information with fellow students
  • Fostering an equitable and inclusive student community
  • Supporting other projects that benefit the student community, as opportunity and interest allow

* Members of the Jacobs Student Advisory Board cannot apply to the grant program during the same academic year in which they are an active board member.

SAB members receive a complimentary Maker Pass during their tenure and are listed on the Jacobs Institute website. Students can stay on the SAB for multiple years, provided that they can fulfill board commitments. We recruit new board members at the beginning of each academic year.

We are seeking applications for new members for the 2022-2023 Jacobs SAB; submit an application ( by Monday, September 5th, 9AM PST. Contact Janrey Javier ( if you have questions.

Advanced Prototyper Program

The Advanced Prototyper program is a volunteer program for the experienced Maker Pass holder who is ready for the next challenge. Are you ready to take the skills you have learned in the makerspace and give something back to your peers? Do perks like a free Maker Pass, lockable storage, and increased access sound exciting to you? Then apply for the program and we will be in contact with you about next steps! To be eligible for the Advanced Prototyper Program, you should:

  • Be a current UC Berkeley affiliate
  • Have had a Maker Pass for at least one semester
  • Be committed to lead “Tips & Tricks” workshops, in order to introduce Maker Pass holders to using tools in the makerspace or to deepen their knowledge about tools in the makerspace.

Employment Opportunities:

Student Supervisor Program

The Jacobs Student Supervisors are undergraduate student staff who are responsible for helping Jacobs Hall run smoothly and safely. Primary responsibilities to achieve this include monitoring makerspace access, enforcing safety and usage policies, regularly maintaining resources, and providing assistance to Maker Pass holders. Experienced Student Supervisors have the opportunity to advance to the Student Supervisor II role, which entails additional equipment maintenance and training responsibilities; each Student Supervisor II apprentices with a Jacobs Design Specialist and gains specialized knowledge of a particular area of the Makerspace. New Student Supervisors are hired in August, and occasionally in January, before the start of the semester.

Openings: All Student Supervisor roles are currently filled! Check back before the start of each semester for new openings.


Student Creative Team

A small team of students supports the Jacobs Institute’s work in graphic design, content production for web and print, creative storytelling, and web design. Graphic Design Assistants primarily focus on design outputs like posters and print collateral, illustrations, infographics, and brand applications, while Student Reporters primarily focus on outputs like written stories, video and photography, and web and social media content. Student web designers help create templates for the website, and work closely with staff to update the website as needed. All roles involve the opportunity to work on long-term special projects, propose new ideas, and work as part of a collaborative team. If you are interested in applying or would like to hear about future openings on this team, contact Sabrina Merlo, Senior Director of External Affairs. All positions are currently filled. 

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant works with the Jacobs program staff to help courses and programs at Jacobs Hall run smoothly. The primary responsibilities to achieve this include maintaining class, event, and office supplies, formatting announcements for the student community mailing list, supporting event marketing and operations, and maintaining our collection of collateral and student projects. This position is currently filled.

TA (formerly GSI), Reader, and Tutor Roles

Each semester, the Jacobs Institute hires dedicated, knowledgeable graduate students to serve as academic student employees (ASEs) for the Design Innovation (DES INV) courses. Available roles range from teaching assistants (TAs), readers, and tutors, depending on the course.

Applications for the Summer & Fall 2024 course ASE roles are now open (see bottom of this page). To join the general candidate pool and receive an email when the ASE application opens for the next semester, fill out this interest form

Please reference the FAQ at the end of this page for general information about Jacobs ASE hiring. Other questions that are not addressed in the FAQ can be directed to Aleta Martinez.

Academic Student Employee Hiring FAQ

What does the percentage appointment mean? 

The percentage for an ASE appointment indicates the time commitment for the role, in reference to a 40-hour full-time job. For example, 10 hours is 25% of 40 hours, so a 10 hours/week role means it is a 25% appointment.

Whom should I contact if I am interested in learning more about a specific role or course?

Course instructors manage the search process for their ASEs; you can contact an instructor directly if they would like to learn more about a specific role. 

What does it mean if I haven’t heard back about my ASE application?

Course instructors will contact applicants whom they would like to interview. Applicants who are not selected for an interview will not be contacted. 

Does this role qualify for fee remission?

Graduate student academic appointments that are eligible for fee remission include TA, GSR, AI-GS, Reader or Tutor employment during the Fall and Spring semesters (fee remission is not provided for any Summer appointments). A fee remission is generated when a graduate student holds a fee remission eligible appointment or combines multiple appointments that then create the minimum fee remission eligibility criteria of a 25% appointment. To learn more about ASE appointments policies, including fee remission, visit the Graduate Division website.

What compensation would I receive as an ASE?

All ASEs receive a salary for their employment, with rates set by the campus. TA rates are paid monthly and Tutor and Reader rates are paid hourly. Please note Summer ASE pay rates are different from the Fall/Spring rates that are provided in the previous links.

In addition to these wages, students in eligible ASE roles in the Fall and Spring semesters may receive fee remission as a benefit of employment.  The Jacobs Institute provides a small amount of fee remission that supplements the standard fee remission that is set by campus policies. Please see the table below for fee coverage at different levels of employment for Jacobs Institute ASEs. Current fee levels may be found on the Registrar’s website.

Fee Remission with an ASE appointment of…
12.5% 25%
…will cover this much of your tuition and fees:
Tuition NOT covered 100% 100% 100%
Student Services Fee NOT covered 100% 100% 100%
Berkeley Campus Fee 25% $150 + 50% of remainder $150 + 75% of remainder $150 + 100% of remainder
Health Insurance Fee NOT covered 100% 100% 100%
Class Pass Fee 25% 50% 75% 100%
Non-Residential Supplemental Tuition NOT covered NOT covered NOT covered NOT covered


Apply here for ASE positions. Before applying for a position, 1) review information about the course, including meeting time and description, and 2) ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to be an ASE, especially if you are applying to be a first-time TA.

We will update the class schedules when they becomes available.

Summer 2024 ASE Roles

Course ASE Type Appt. Hours/Week Status
DES INV 22 TA 25% 10 OPEN

Fall 2024 ASE Roles

Course ASE Type Appt. Hours/Week Status
DES INV 15: Design Methodology (3 units) 1 Teaching Assistant 25% 10 OPEN
DES INV 21: Visual Communication & Sketching (3 units) 1 Teaching Assistant 25% 10 OPEN
DES INV 95/195: Design Field Notes (1 unit) 1 Tutor 12.5% 5 OPEN
DES INV 200: Design Frameworks: History & Methods (3 units) 1 TA @ 50% 50% 20 OPEN
DES INV 202: Technology Design Foundations (4 units) 1 Teaching Assistant 50% 20 OPEN
DES INV 213: Design Studio (6 units) 1 Teaching Assistant 25% 10 OPEN