Jacobs Design Showcase

April 22, 2020 | 9:10 pm

Join us for our Winter 2020 Design Showcase!
Wednesday, December 9 + Thursday, December 10

**The Winter Design Showcase has wrapped up–thank you for joining us! If you’d still like to explore student work from the fall semester, check out the published project sites listed under each individual course below. 

This two-day, virtual version of our semesterly Showcase highlights student accomplishments and course work with our students’ peers, the campus community, and the greater Berkeley public.

The Design Showcase is a great way to learn more about the courses and student projects taking place at the Jacobs Institute, even with distance-learning in place. As we all continue to adapt to work-from-home practices and remote instruction, we remain hopeful and inspired by our students’ flexibility and motivation to further their design skills and to expand the possibilities of Design Innovation.

The Showcase will include synchronous presentations and asynchronous, published project sites. All links for live presentations and published project sites can be found below.

After you’ve joined us for our student presentations, provide feedback to our students directly, using our feedback form. And for something celebratory, watch the video made to commemorate the five year anniversary of the Jacobs Institute!

Courses and Projects Participating

Some courses and groups will be sharing project presentations live, and others will be sharing projects through websites and portfolios. Published projects and their affiliated links are listed below the schedule of live events.

*Note: all links to participate will be added to the site day-of the Showcase


Wednesday, December 9

Thursday, December 10