Jacobs Design Showcase

April 22, 2020 | 9:10 pm

Save the date for the Spring 2021 Design Showcase!
Wednesday, May 5 + Thursday, May 6

This two-day, virtual version of our semesterly Showcase highlights student accomplishments and course work with our students’ peers, the campus community, and the greater Berkeley public.

The Design Showcase is a great way to learn more about the courses and student projects taking place at the Jacobs Institute, even with distance-learning in place. As we all continue to adapt to work-from-home practices and remote instruction, we remain hopeful and inspired by our students’ flexibility and motivation to further their design skills and to expand the possibilities of Design Innovation.

The Showcase features synchronous and asynchronous student presentations and published project sites. Please check back on the first day of the showcase for participating links.

Wednesday, May 5

  • 9-10 am: Innovation Catalysts Grant Recipients  — Living Gifts, Shotline, 3D-Printed Composite Base Isolator, Artemix
  • 10-11 am: INTEGBI C30Z, Bioinspired Design
  • 10-12 pm: DES INV 15, Design Methodology
  • 11-12 pm: DES INV 23, Creative Programming & Electronics
  • 1-2 pm: DES INV 25, User Experience Design
  • 2-4 pm: DES INV 202, Technology Design Foundations

Thursday, May 6

  • 9-10 am: Innovation Catalysts Grant Recipients — Limb-O2, The Maker Machine, Electreat
  • 10-11 am: E29, Manufacturing and Design Communication
  • 11-12 pm: Innovation Catalysts Standalone Presentation — Limb-O2
  • 1-2 pm: ME 179, Augmenting Human Dexterity
  • 1-2 pm: Innovation Catalysts Grant Recipients — Scoplet, Interdisciplinary, LMNH Digital Instrument
  • 2-3 pm: ME 110, Product Development
  • 3-4 pm: DES INV 21, Visual Communication & Sketching
  • 3-4:30 pm: DES INV 10, Discovering Design

Asynchronous Participation

  • DES INV 201, Debates in Design

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