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Design Specialists & Technicians

July 29, 2016 | 11:28 am

A significant part of the Jacobs Hall Design Specialists’ role is to train and advise Maker Pass holders. Our Design Specialists and Technicians conduct equipment trainings, lead workshops, fulfill material store orders, and are available to answer questions about design projects and ideas. Their combined knowledge and experience cover an expansive range of subjects. Below, you can learn more about each design specialist and see their schedules. Anyone approved for the JPS program can also book an office hours appointment with our Design Specialist and Design Technician teams.

Design Specialist Schedule


Design Specialist


Gary focuses on electronics and robotics. Contact him regarding Jacobs Hall’s spaces and tools for electronics-based making or to hear about his BattleBots experiences.

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Design Specialist


Cody is a designer, fabricator, and roboticist whose work centers around surface rationalization and computational solutions for complex facade and enclosure problems. His interests are in computational design and digital fabrication and their roles within the greater discourse of design. Contact him about CNC fabrication, PCB fabrication, robotics, computation, optimization, and general design questions.

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Lecturer & Design Specialist


Chris Myers is a product designer and lecturer at Jacobs Institute currently teaching Des Inv 22 – Prototyping and Fabrication. Contact him for questions regarding product design, design for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, and materials and processes. His specialty is mechanisms and fasteners and he is always ready to help students construct prototypes, especially if they fly, swim, or crawl… 

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Design Specialist


Chris brings broad experience in digital fabrication, from 3D modeling to laser-cutting. Contact him about high-end 3D printing or to hear about hacking shopbots to draw.

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Design Technician


Nicole is a design technician with a focus on 3D printing. She enjoys woodworking and permaculture. Contact her for help on your print, the Jacobs Self-Service Printing service, or to chat about sustainability.

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