Campus Resources

August 2, 2016 | 1:14 pm

The Jacobs Institute is just one part of UC Berkeley’s rich and thriving design network. Use this page to find other great ways that you can explore design at Berkeley, from student organizations to campus initiatives.

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Information Hubs

The Jacobs community mailing list shares design innovation news, announcements, and opportunities of interest to students. Sign up for the mailing list here.

The student group Design at Berkeley manages a student-curated guide to Berkeley’s design landscape. Their website features the Design [Advisors] who host design office hours and provides a wealth of information on ways to get involved with design on campus, from courses and student organizations to a Slack for the entire design community.

There are a few student-run design groups on Facebook, including Design at Berkeley and UC Berkeley Makers.

The Arts+Design website helps you explore UC Berkeley’s distinctive arts and design landscape. Our creative community is enriched by the scientific and cultural wealth of a world-class public research university, one that is propelled by an historic public mission and committed to access and social impact.

BeeHive is Berkeley Engineering’s clearinghouse for design projects, research positions, and other hands-on opportunities. Faculty and graduate students can post openings, while undergraduates can browse listings to find positions and projects that match their interests and skills.


Student Clubs

3DMC – 3D Modeling Club: Interested in 3D printing? Take a workshop, join a team project, enter a competition.

BEAM – Berkeley Engineers and Mentors: Design hands-on teaching kits to spark creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity among K–12 students.

Berkeley Innovation: Get hands-on experience with human-centered design, from conducting user research to building and marketing prototypes.

Cal ITE: Cal ITE is a student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. We lead interactive seminars, workshops, and tours of transportation planning and design sites. We also send students to annual conferences to network with practitioners developing innovative design solutions.

CETSA – Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Student Association: Find tools and networks to start your own company. We’ve actually started businesses.

Code the Change: Use your computer science skills for social good through nonprofit projects.

Design for America: Use human-centered design and creative problem-solving to tackle community problems.

DiversaTech: DiversaTech firmly believes that the most innovative and creative solutions arise from diversity of thought. We bring together students from all corners of campus – combining design, business, and engineering principles – to deliver dynamic recommendations addressing our clients’ most pressing technology needs.

EnableTech: Access space, materials, technical advice, and design guidance for building assistive technologies to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the Berkeley community and the world at large.

Engineers Without Borders: We design and implement sustainable engineering solutions in communities that lack access to basic services.

FEM Tech: FEM Tech promotes gender diversity and inspire women from all majors to excel in technology careers. We hope to excite new interest in tech and provide support for women already in STEM majors.

FoodInno: Through food hackathons and DeCals, we work alongside food companies to solve their challenges by tapping into the minds of young millennials.

GroTech @ Berkeley: GroTech @ Berkeley is dedicated to providing a research platform for college students to engage in hands-on learning through the application of creativity and technology for sustainable, efficient, and innovative plant growth technologies and agricultural methods, all while contributing to our society and world through the communication and demonstration of ideas and research.

Hackers@Berkeley: We’re here to help, whether you want to learn practical coding skills, find partners, or promote your product.

HaasID supports students in exploring how design thinking skills fit into business, and how business skills fit into the design world.

Innovative Design: Need a website, video, photo shoot, or flyer? Teams of awesome Cal student designers can create it for you.

Invention Corps: We gather a team of students from interdisciplinary backgrounds who ideate, invent, and inspire a new age of technologies for tackling issues in the environment, poverty, health, and society.

Pioneers in Engineering: We teach hands-on STEM lessons in local high schools and sponsor an annual robotics competition.

Competition Teams

Cal Concrete Canoe: We design, build, and race canoes made of concrete. We’ve won the national title a record five times.

Cal Environmental Team: We design, build, and test water filters for an annual water treatment competition.

Cal Seismic Design: We design, analyze, and fabricate models to withstand simulated earthquake ground motions.

Cal Transportation Team: Cal Transportation Team competes in the annual ASCE MidPac Competition, planning and designing a transportation system.

CalSMV – Super Mileage Vehicle: Think you can get to 1,200 miles per gallon? We design, build, and race hyper-efficient vehicles.

CalSol – UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle: We design, build, and test solar powered vehicles and compete in races worldwide.

Formula Electric at Berkeley: We design, build, and race electric racecars for the Formula SAE EV Competition.

Solar Decathlon: The Solar Decathlon is a competition hosted by the US Department of Energy in which students design and build a completely sustainable and net zero energy consuming home from scratch that is passed through a series of tests over ten days.

UC Berkeley Formula SAE Team: We design and fabricate small formula-style racecars and compete against other colleges from around the world.

UC Berkeley Human Powered Vehicle Team: We build and race aerodynamic recumbent bicycles for the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Competition.


Departments and Programs

DeCal is a student-run democratic education program at the UC Berkeley, through which students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of (often unorthodox) subjects. Learn about a wide spectrum of design topics from your fellow students–from graphic design to web design–or teach a DeCal yourself!

The Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD) is a research group that fosters a deeply interdisciplinary approach to design for the 21st century, spanning human-computer interaction, mechanical design, education, architecture, and art practice.

The Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) is a focal point for research and teaching about new media; their mission is to critically analyze and help shape developments in new media from cross-disciplinary and global perspectives that emphasize humanities and the public interest.

The Berkeley Art Studio offers classes in ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, design, and printmaking to UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, as well as the entire community. The Studio has a rich history of providing quality art instruction taught by our staff of professional artists and is a welcoming place for students and artists at a variety of skill levels.

The Bioinspired Design Program connects two recent revolutions, by amplifying bioinspired design with the maker movement and its democratizing effects, empowering anyone to innovate and change the world.

Other Campus Fabrication Spaces

Jacobs Hall is part of a diverse campus network of spaces for tinkering, prototyping, and fabrication. Elsewhere on campus, a variety of labs and shops provide specialized resources and other opportunities. Together, these spaces make up a rich ecosystem for hands-on making.