Yoon Bahk


Yoon Bahk is a designer and an educator based in California who specialises in design doing and thinking through drawing.

Yoon started her teaching career in 2011 when she returned to her alma mater Royal College of Art, where as a Senior tutor in the Innovation Design Engineering programme she led the 1st year of the joint double master programme between the RCA and Imperial College. Since moving to California in 2016 she has been continuing to teach design innovation at UC Berkeley’s Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation as a lecturer.

Outside of teaching she works with commercial clients such as the BBC, GOV.UK, NTT to help foster ideas and help communication around innovation within an organisation by showing them how to use design and drawing to aid their creative process.

Yoon also has extensive experience running design and innovation workshops around the world using collaborative learning and design methods with commercial and academic clients.