Academic Programs

Academic Offerings: Courses, Degree Programs, and Certificate Programs

Design Innovation Courses (DES INV)

The Jacobs Institute offers nearly 20 of our own Design Innovation courses (DES INV) at undergraduate and graduate levels. DES INV courses are taught alongside a growing list of courses from supported departments and outside majors that align with design education.

Graduate Level: The Berkeley Master of Design (MDes)

MDes is a professional graduate program in design for emerging technologies that emphasizes critical design and social practice to address the new realities of emerging technologies in the 21st century. The program prepares students for a design career by connecting technical rigor, design theory and social practice, set over three semesters.

Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI)

At the undergraduate level, many of our DES INV courses satisfy the requirements needed to fulfill the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI), a program that has seen yearly growth with numbers comparable to many of campus’ most popular minors.

Designing Emerging Technologies Lab

The Designing Emerging Technologies lab is a four-week, hands-on summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors. Students will design and fabricate physical functional solutions that improve the lives of people and plane, encounter social, scientific, and engineering problems; and learn from world class scientists, industry leaders and research experts.

Other Certificate Programs

In addition to BCDI, many of our courses fulfill requirements for design and technology-focused certificate programs in affiliated departments.

Grant Programs

Jacobs Innovation Catalysts Grant Program

Awarded twice a year, the Innovation Catalysts grant supports students who wish to further the development of an ongoing project, or those looking to get a great idea launched. Grants are awarded at two levels—the Ignite Grant, intended for students continuing work and research on already-initiated projects; and the Spark Grant, intended for students at the early stage of developing an idea and prototype.

Berkeley Engineering Design Scholars Program

A 10-week paid summer research program open to all undergraduates in the College of Engineering or with relevant experience in design innovation. The Scholars actively contribute to the growing design ecosystem at UC Berkeley while practicing critical design skills using our Maker Pass program.