Jacobs Project Support

September 14, 2020 | 9:07 am

The Jacobs Project Support (JPS) service provides the Cal making community with access to advanced fabrication technology and requires approved registration. JPS is a fully automated project-tracking system that notifies you of the state of your project as it is fabricated by our talented Design Staff. More information about who is eligible and how to register for the JPS can be found here: Makerspace Access

If you just need a quick and easy 3D print for local pick up, you can request access to our Makerfleet program here.

Curious about current turnaround times, or how many job submissions we received last week? Check out the data metrics page for this info, and more.


Please Choose the Equipment You Would Like to Use:


Creaform Scanner

Ultimaker 3D Printers

Laser Cutters

FabLight Laser

Omax Waterjet

Vinyl Cutter

Advanced Prototyping Lab

Shopbot CNC

Othermill Desktop CNC

Haas & Tormach CNC

Kuka Robots

Everything Else

Canon 36″ Plotter


• Please submit one form for one machine at a time, and only projects that are research, academic, and co-curricular in nature.

• We cannot support resource-intensive jobs without prior approval.

• Once you have submitted a job, it will be reviewed by a Design Specialist. If it is approved, you will be notified automatically via email and will be given time and material cost estimates for your approval.

• Completed orders can be picked up at the first-floor patio entrance to Jacobs Hall on the south side. Pick up times are from 11am – 12pm, and 5pm – 6pm each weekday.

• If you require shipping, choose the shipping option at check out, and you will receive an email with further information, including pricing.

• If you need to talk to someone, make an Office Hours appointment with one of our Design Specialists here:
Design Specialist Office Hours

• If you are unsure about certain options regarding the tools, and more information about pricing, refer to the Jacobs Hall bCourses material here:
bCourses Modules