Design Fellows

January 19, 2018 | 11:29 am

Design fellows bring unique perspectives to the Jacobs Institute. Fellows spend dedicated time in Jacobs Hall, participating in design activities and exchanging ideas with students and other members of the institute’s community. Each fellow contributes to the institute in a different way, in formats that range from open office hours to creative workshops.

Current fellows

Sara CinnamonSara Cinnamon is Technical Lead at LUNAR Design in San Francisco. LUNAR is a product design firm that joined the McKinsey & Company family in 2015, adding a depth of business strategy to their innovative spirit to deliver ingenuity that delights. As an alumna of UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering, she looks forward to sharing what she’s learned since graduation — from her time in grad school at MIT to running her own startup in consumer healthcare to joining a world-class design firm. Book an office-hours appointment with Sara.

Euiyoung KimEuiyoung Kim researches areas that involve design roadmapping, human-centric research, and multidisciplinary studies across fields like product management, design, and engineering. He received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley (he also currently serves as a postdoctoral scholar in disruptive design in that department) and holds an M.S. from the Engineering Design Innovation program at Northwestern University. Prior to moving to the United States, he worked as a product planning manager at Samsung Electronics. Contact Euiyoung.

Eric WeinhofferEric Weinhoffer is a mechanical engineer specializing in product design, rapid prototyping, and scaling from prototype to production. Currently, Eric is a Prototype Engineer for Bolt, a venture capital firm that works with early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software. Previously, Eric designed prototypes and shop spaces with APROE and also helped to grow and run a makerspace, similar to Jacobs Hall, at Georgia Tech. He has since designed and shipped a variety of products, including electronics kits, CNC milling machines (the Othermill), and a sailboat thruster. When not making parts at home, Eric enjoys riding bikes and spending time in the mountains. Contact Eric or find him in 120 Jacobs Hall, in the makerspace, on the first Friday afternoon of each month.