Hybrid structures and new applications: Exploring digital fabrication

As the digital fabrication landscape   rapidly evolves, interdisciplinary courses at Jacobs Hall are providing new opportunities for students to learn and create at the cutting edge of these technologies.

March 4, 2015 | 4:21 pm

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Jacobs Design Conversations: Saul Griffith


Saul Griffith, an inventor and founder of Otherlab, Instructables, and many others, will speak as part of the Jacobs Design Conversations series.

Design Field Notes: Paula Te


Paula Te, an interaction designer who is driven to make technology accessible in the widest possible sense, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Jacobs Design Conversations: Allison Arieff


Allison Arieff, editorial director of SPUR and contributing opinion writer for the New York Times, will speak on “Solving All the Wrong Problems” as part of the Jacobs Design Conversations series.

Design Field Notes: Kal Spelletich


Kal Spelletich, an artist who uses technology to put people back in touch with real-life experiences, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Design Field Notes: Tiffany Tseng


Tiffany Tseng, an interaction designer who creates tools for people who make things, will speak on her projects and perspective.

Jacobs Design Conversations: Alan Eustace


Alan Eustace, Google’s former Senior Vice President of Knowledge who set skydiving records after working to plan and complete a jump from the stratosphere, will speak at Jacobs Hall.

Design Field Notes: Melissa Cefkin


Design anthropologist Melissa Cefkin, who studies autonomous vehicles as principal scientist at Nissan Research, will share insights.

Design Field Notes: Robert Kett


Curator Robert Kett will discuss work including SFMOMA’s exhibition, “Designed in California,” which explores the shifting landscape of design in California since the digital revolution, and the museum’s engagement with the local design ecosystem.

Jacobs Spring Design Showcase 2018

05.02.2018 - 05.03.2018

At this open house, you can meet student designers, check out innovations in fields from health to mobility, and celebrate the semester over conversation and refreshments.