Jacobs is Hiring: Research & Development Engineer

January 30, 2024 | 10:46 am

The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is hiring for an exciting, new role supporting the Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) associated with the College of Engineering.  The Research & Development Engineer will oversee, facilitate, and manage the RSO facility at Richmond Field Station (RFS), a new endeavor that will host college sponsored activities to be facilitated safely in support of the Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s).

The RSO’s under the purview of the COE represent a variety of teams and clubs ranging from vehicle groups, like Calsol, Formula ASAE, and the Human Powered Vehicle team, to rockets teams like Space Enterprises, and STAR (Space and Rocketry). Many of these teams have been allocated work space at the Richmond Field Station campus to conduct their fabrication, testing, and team meeting needs. This position will work to supervise and support the activities of these teams to make sure they comply with an established set of operational practices.

Responsibilities include:

  • Under general supervision, supervise safe usage of the building facilities. On a day-to-day basis, work will need to be scheduled with each group so as to be monitored.
  • Additionally, compliance with our standards during these work times will be the R&D engineer’s responsibility.
  • Under general supervision, the R&D engineer is responsible for onboarding new students participating in RSO’s who are supported at the facility, and to documented standards. These standards could include use of any of the hazardous activities listed about (welding, composite pre- and post-processing, etc.).=
  • Recruit, train, and manage student workers to act as safety officers for each team. Training includes the operations of the RSO facility at RFS, equipment, safety protocols, and access.
  • Under general supervision, help build out, and manage a facility to continue to support the hazardous activities of the student groups utilizing the building.
  • Act as Department Safety Coordinator and liaison for EH&S. Ensure the RSO facility is in compliance with internal and external regulatory bodies.
  • Maintain chemical-waste inventory and UC Chemicals databases.
  • The R&D engineer will be responsible for managing the vehicle pool the College of Engineering is responsible for, as it pertains to the RSO’s working out of RFS.
  • Other tasks, as they come up.

For more information on this position and application instructions, see the job posting #64215 on the University of California jobs website.