Join Jacobs Institute at Maker Faire!

October 9, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Make your way over this coming weekend to Mare Island to experience the reboot of Maker Faire Bay Area, the renowned festival of curiosity, invention and creativity.  You’ll find big art, electronics, robotics, cosplay, games, tech and more—as well as a Jacobs Institute booth with student and club projects and a fun, hands-on Remote Rover Rally.  (This navigate-the-cardboard-challenge is inspired by Chris Myers and DES INV 22.)

Note Jacobs Institute will only be at Maker Faire the first weekend, October 13-15.  Get your 15% off tickets by using the code “Berkeley.”

Projects rotating through the Jacobs booth will include:

  • Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike by Bike Builders of Berkeley.
  • “If earth could talk, it would scream” is an interactive art installation aimed at bringing awareness to the impact that every human step has on the earth. Project by Berkeley MDes students Nuoran Chen, Karthika Baiju, Carmela Wilkins, Yue Fan, Qiancheng Bao.
  • Ultrasonic Projector uses an array of over 90 ultrasonic transducers and modulation to emit a directional sonic beam which can cause sound to be produced from almost any target object. By Innovation Catalyst award winner Conor Van Bibber.
  • OKTO is a bio-inspired children’s toy that will change its color to mimic surroundings when user press it. Project by Berkeley MDes students Jin Yutao, Yani Mai, Ziyi Zhou, Samriddho Ghosh.
  • Laser Wind Chimes is a prototype for incorporating lasers into traditional wind chime. By Berkeley MDes student Roshan Mohan.
  • Neurowrist is a wristband for capturing EMG (electromyography) signals for a more intuitive control of external devices. By Innovation Catalyst award winners Riley Hernandez, Inga Zhuravleva, Venkata Alapati.
  • Linear to Rotary Motion: Blossoming Flowers by Asbah Wasim

Also, don’t miss these other Cal booths:

See you at #MakerFaire!