Get a Maker Pass

July 14, 2016 | 11:52 am

Ready to get your Maker Pass? Each semester that you want a Maker Pass, whether as a first-timer or returner, just follow the three-step process described on this page.


Step 1: Registration


Step 2: Semester access fee

Choose the fee payment option that best suits your situation. Standard Maker Passes cover usage related to courses, clubs, and personal projects, while Research Maker Passes cover usage related to research lab-sponsored work.


Step 3: Safety training

Those who have passed the training in prior semesters do not need to retake it, unless it is deemed necessary by Jacobs staff on an individual basis.

Now what?

Once you have completed all three steps above, your Maker Pass will activate on your Cal 1 Card within 1-2 business days. Maker Pass access is valid from the first day of instruction to the last day of the semester.

After getting your Maker Pass, you can start taking trainings for specific equipment. For Jacobs Hall, start by taking the online modules; for the CITRIS Invention Lab, sign up for your in-person training by visiting the Invention Lab training bCourses site.

For assistance, email Jacobs Institute and CITRIS Invention Lab staff reserve the right to revoke Maker Passes as they see fit due to violations of safety, building or university rules, policies, and procedures.