Labs & equipment

August 14, 2015 | 2:31 pm

Jacobs Hall is home to a wide variety of spaces and tools for prototyping and fabrication, enabling users to move through complete design processes — from initial sketch to refined prototype. A Maker Pass, open to faculty, students, and staff regardless of previous experience, grants semesterly access and safety training.

Metal Shop


The metal shop is located on the basement level and contains a waterjet cutter and a range of tools for work with metal.



The CAD/CAM lab is located on the basement level and offers a range of software for modeling and design.

Design lounge

The design lounge is located on the basement level and is a space for project work, meetings and student events, and workshops.

All-purpose makerspaces


The all-purpose makerspaces in studios 110 and 120 contain laser-cutters, basic 3D printers, hand tools, wood fabrication equipment, and more.

Electronics lab


The electronics lab is located in room 210C and contains soldering irons, oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and more.

AV production lab


The AV production lab is located in room 220C and contains resources for instructor and general use, such as a scanner and photo backdrop.

Advanced prototyping lab


The advanced prototyping lab is located in room 332 and contains high-end 3D printers.