Design Specialists

July 29, 2016 | 11:28 am

A significant part of the Jacobs Hall design specialists’ role is to train and advise Maker Pass holders. Our design specialists conduct equipment trainings, lead workshops, fulfill material store orders, and are available to answer questions about design projects and ideas.

Their combined knowledge and experience cover an expansive range of subjects. Below, you can learn more about each design specialist and see their schedules.

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Stacy Jo is an artist working at the intersection of ceramics and digital fabrication. Contact her regarding use of our Type A Machines 3D printers or to talk about ceramics.


Matt brings a background in design/build, from furniture to designing chicken coops. He is particularly interested in public interest design. Contact him to learn about wood fabrication.

IMG_1532 (1)  IMG_2949 (2)


Gary focuses on electronics and robotics. Contact him regarding Jacobs Hall’s spaces and tools for electronics-based making or to hear about his BattleBots experiences.


Chris brings broad experience in digital fabrication, from 3D modeling to laser-cutting. Contact him about high-end 3D printing or to hear about hacking shopbots to draw.

Kent Wilson

Kent designs architecture, brand, package, and product, fueling his passion for 3D digital fabrication. Contact him to optimize design aesthetics, function, and fabrication.

Design Specialist Schedule