Makerspace Access During Fall 2020

July 23, 2020 | 4:10 pm

*Update 11/19/20: Spring 2021 updates will be added in the coming weeks

Following campus guidelines, the Makerspace will be closed to all non-essential community members until further notice. We will, however, be offering support for research, coursework, and members of the campus community through the services described below.  Depending on their success, we anticipate that some of our innovative service responses will be adopted into our normal operations. 

The information below covers the Fall 2020 term.  There will be reduced service during normal campus closures (holidays and interterm breaks).  

Materials fees will continue to be tracked through our Shopify store, and billed through CalCentral at the end of each session.

In a normal semester, the Makerspace serves over 1400 students, instructors and researchers with a very small staff. In order to balance our commitment to serving our broad community and our mandate to support teaching and research, we have created a set of tiers for prioritizing access to the support services we can provide. We will begin the Fall semester with the suite of services open to all as described below. Should demand for these services become too high for our limited staff to meet, we may need to reduce or remove this access depending on volume and our capacity, beginning with the higher numbered tiers first.

Tier Assignment:

  1. PI-funded research, DES INV students and faculty, affiliated faculty
  2. Jacobs programs
  3. Students in affiliated courses, student clubs, and student teams
  4. Broader UC Berkeley community


Jacobs Project Support
Eligible tiers: 1, 2, 3

The Jacobs Hall technical team has developed a project support service that allows eligible students, faculty, and staff to submit formatted part files for fabrication and pick-up. The program is intended to support research, academic, and co-curricular projects with technical fabrication support through a standardized request system, virtual design support, and safe parts pick up. We will be offering a variety of fabrication methods, including metal/wood/acrylic laser cutting, 3D printing, and most of the other rapid prototyping processes. Access to the program will be limited to individuals in tiers 1, 2, and 3 (see Tier Assignments for more information).

DES INV students and students in affiliated courses must submit a registration application to be added to the approved list for the JPS, and can do so using the following registration linkStudent clubs will also need their own registration, found here. Research users need to submit an application, which can be found here.

Once an individual is registered, jobs can be submitted for fabrication using the link:

Visit the JPS page to request access to specific equipment.

Eligible tiers: 1, 2, 3, 4

All Berkeley staff, faculty, and students outside of research positions, Jacobs courses, and Jacobs-related clubs and student groups can request access to our Makerfleet option. Those with access will be able to print on our Ultimaker 3D printers through the Makerfleet interface, and will only be billed for materials through Calcentral at the end of the semester. For tier 4 users, we are not able to offer additional staff support, beyond printing and pick-up, and capacity will be limited as resources allow.

To use the Makerfleet option, use the link found here to request access, and let us know how you will be using the system. Please allow 2-3 business days for approval. Students will be billed for materials used at-cost at the end of the semester through CalCentral.

Please ensure that you will be able to pick up your printed parts in person at UC Berkeley, as no shipping is available at this time. Finished prints can be picked up at the first-floor patio entrance to Jacobs Hall on the south side. Pick up times are from 11 am – 12 pm, and 5 pm – 6 pm each weekday. You will receive an email when your print has finished.

For a tutorial of this service and our other services, please go to You can provide feedback on this new system by reaching out to us

Project fabrication for JPS access will begin 8/25, with student Makerfleet access beginning 9/23. Please note this launch date is subject to change. Check back often and sign up to our mailing list for updates and important dates. 

Tier Group Fall Access Fall Fee
1 Researchers Jacobs Project Support + Makerfleet YES, $250 + materials
1 DES INV students and faculty, affiliated faculty Jacobs Project Support + Makerfleet NO (materials only)
2 Innovation Catalysts Grantees Jacobs Project Support + Makerfleet NO (materials only)
3 Students in affiliated courses (NON-DES INV); Clubs and Teams Jacobs Project Support + Makerfleet NO (materials only)
4 Broader UC Berkeley community Makerfleet + Virtual Workshop Series NO (materials only)



Q: How do I sign up for access?
A: DES INV students and students of Jacobs-affiliated courses must submit a registration application to be added to the approved list for the JPS. For DES INV students and students of Jacobs-affiliated courses, the registration form can be found here. Student clubs will also need to register using the club form, found here. Those using JPS for research will need to submit a separate application, which can be found here.

Anyone with a CalNet ID will be able to log into the Makerfleet system.

Q: Is there a quota for registration?
A: For the fall semester there will be no quota cap, with the exception of clubs, which are capped at 200. Please note, however, that despite there being no limit to registration, the tiered system will prioritize registration and project management (see the question below).

Q: Are projects fabricated in the order of their receipt?
A: Yes and no. Projects will be fabricated in the order of their receipt within their tier group. Due to staffing limitations, projects will be prioritized in the order of their tier, ie: a project from tier 1 will be prioritized before a project in tier 4, regardless of the submission order. Please understand that, in order to best serve our student and research community, we will have to prioritize work coming from these two groups before we can facilitate projects from outside submissions.

Q: Will we still be purchasing materials through the Jacobs Shopify?
A: Although we will still be using the Jacobs Shopify store, materials orders through the JPS program will be made to your account automatically. After a design specialist determines the number of materials necessary for your part, you will be sent a quote. Once you approve that quote, your account will be charged, and, as with previous semesters, you will be billed at the end of the semester.

Q: How do we pick up parts and our finished projects?
A: Parts and projects can be picked up at Jacobs Hall once they are finished and/or ready, using social distancing guidelines. If you are not within an easy distance to pick-up, we can ship your project and parts to you at cost.

Q: How do I get status updates on the project I submitted?
A: We have created an automated notification system that notifies applicants when their job has been accepted and completed. We have also automated the quoting process so that applicants will have the opportunity to approve costs before fabrication begins.

Q: What other resources for making and fabrication are available at Jacobs Hall and elsewhere?
A: We have an amazing lineup of Virtual Workshops available to everyone on campus! Check out videos of past sessions, or jump into a weekly series. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates when the fall schedule is released! Also, to see a map of other spaces for making, on campus and off, see

The CITRIS Invention Lab’s SnapFab 2 Program is also available as a resource. Please visit their page for updated information.

Q: Can I buy into a higher tier? 
A: In order to accurately manage our capacity and user base, we are not allowing upgrades.

Q:  Can another person pick up my project?
A: Unless accommodations have been made with staff, pickups are limited to those who have requested the fabrication, and student ID’s will need to be verified at the time of pick up.

Q:  How do I pay my material charges?
A: Like in subsequent semesters, all materials fees will be tallied at the end of the semester, and billed to your CalCentral account.

Q:  How do I request the use of a specific tool or piece of equipment?
A: Those with JPS access can submit a job request through the JPS page directly.