Spring 2020 Design Showcase

July 22, 2020 | 2:54 pm

*May 15, 2020 update: Thank you for participating in this semester’s first Digital Design Showcase! We are thrilled with the high-level of engaging participation from students, our Jacobs staff and faculty, and from the public. This semester’s Showcase featured asynchronous projects, which are linked below in the Published Project section; and synchronous events, such as live Q+As and project presentations. While the synchronous events have been completed, many of the courses and student groups have also shared project websites, which are still linked in the schedule below.

Please feel free to continue perusing student projects, which will remain archived for the time being.

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Jacobs Design Showcase! Each semester we look forward to coming together to celebrate our students’ accomplishments and work in an exciting two-day public event. The Showcase is a moment for our students to exhibit their projects, not only with their class peers, but also the rest of the Jacobs design community, the broader UC Berkeley campus, and the nearby Berkeley community. Our Design Showcase features projects from Jacobs courses, DeCals, student clubs, our student grant winners, and this semester, our COVID-19 Team Design Challenge.

Though we can’t meet in person for the Showcase at the moment, our students and instructors have been hard at work facilitating their projects digitally, using a number of resources from video, to individual course websites, to live Zoom presentations. Below you’ll find the schedule of live Showcase events, as well as links to all external projects. See something you’re particularly excited about? Submit to our Visitor Feedback Form—our students and instructors welcome all project feedback, and would love to hear more about your engagement!

Courses and Projects Participating

Some courses and groups will be sharing project presentations live, and others will be sharing projects through websites and portfolios. Published projects and their affiliated links are listed below the schedule of live events.


Wednesday, May 6

Thursday, May 6


COMPSCI 160/260A: User Interface Design & Development
DES INV 15: Design Methodology
DES INV 21: Visual Communication & Sketching
DES INV 23: Creative Programming & Electronics
DES INV 181: Reimagining Mobility
DES INV 198: Brand Identity and Graphic Design
INTEGBI C32: Bioinspired Design
NWMEDIA C203: Critical Making
TDPS 166: Design for Performance
Innovation Catalysts Spark Grant: Designing for Unmaking
Innovation Catalysts Ignite Grant: High Speed 3D Printing: Gear Pump Extruder

Innovative Design DeCals
GroTech @ Berkeley