Winter 2022 Design Showcase

Jacobs Winter 2022 Design Showcase

November 22, 2022 | 8:54 am

Join us for the Winter 2022 Jacobs Design Showcase

December 7 – 9, 2022 @ Jacobs Hall

This winter our showcase will feature projects, prototypes and research from students in Design Innovation, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Development Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and School of Information classes at Jacobs Hall; our Master of Design program (including our graduating Fall 2022 cohort); as well as projects by our Innovation Catalysts grant recipients.

Enjoy one on one exchange with students, and get a glimpse of the future of design.

Limited capacity; please RSVP TO ATTEND for one or more of the Showcase days (see below for our program of events). Hope to see you at Jacobs Hall!

Wednesday, December 7
Studio 10 C Studio 10 Studio 310
Session A
10–11:30 AM
DEV ENG C200: Design, Evaluate, and Scale Development Technologies DES INV 21: Visual Communication & Sketching DES INV 15:
Design Methodology
Session B
12–1:30 PM
Independent Projects

[List of presentations]

COMP SCI 294-137: Immersive Computing and Virtual Reality CE 190/DES INV 190: Electric Mobility Engineering
Session C
2–3:30 PM
DES INV 22: Prototyping & Fabrication
Thursday, December 8
Studio 10C Studio 10 Studio 310
Session D
10–11:30 AM
E 29: Manufacturing & Design Communication ME 102B: Mechatronics Design
Session E
12–1:30 PM
Innovation Catalysts Grant

[List of presentations]

E 29: Manufacturing & Design Communication ME 292C: Human Centered Design Methods
Session F
2–4 PM
Innovation Catalysts Grant

[List of presentations]

ENGIN 183/283: Deplastify the Planet: How to Master the Sustainable Transition INFO C262: Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces
Friday, December 9
Room 310 Room 10
Session G
4-5 PM
DES INV 202: Technology Design Foundations DES INV 212: Designing Emerging Technologies II

Independent Projects Presentations:

  • Cable-Knots
  • De-IoT
  • Light Slice of Life Digital Art Compilation
  • Ultrasonic Projector

Innovation Catalysts Presentations:

Thursday, December 8, Session E

  • Constructing Relational Concepts (Ignite Grant)
  • ExoGlove (Ignite Grant)
  • MobileAirQ (Ignite Grant)
  • WalkerAssist (Spark Grant)

Thursday, December 8, Session F

  • DigiScope (Spark Grant)
  • Empathie Health (Ignite Grant)
  • Hebee (Ignite Grant)
  • Magic Compass (Spark Grant)
  • Microdrones + Diffusion Model Based Hyperrealistic 3D Mesh Synthesis (Spark Grant)