2021 Winter Design Showcase

February 10, 2022 | 2:14 pm

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Jacobs & MDes Winter Design Showcase. It was wonderful to have the Showcase in person again and celebrate the accomplishments of our students together. Have a look back at participating courses and student projects, and save the date for our Spring 2022 Jacobs & MDes Design Showcase, planned for the week of May 2, 2022.

The Winter Design Showcase included projects from the courses offered at Jacobs—including the Master of Design (MDes) courses, participating for the first time—in addition to the Innovation Catalysts grant recipients, and independent student clubs and projects.

BIOE 192, Senior Design Projects
Project link
DES INV 211: Designing Emerging Technologies (MDes)
CE 190, Electric Mobility Engineering DES INV 200: Design Frameworks (MDes)
CS 294-137, Immersive Computing and Virtual Reality DES INV 202: Technology Design Foundations (MDes)
DES INV 15, Design Methodology — Project link E 29, Communication for Manufacturing & Design
DES INV 21, Visual Communication & Sketching IEOR 190-1, Deplastify the Planet
DES INV 22, Prototyping & Fabrication INFO C262, Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces
DES INV 190-1 / ME 292C, Human Centered Design Methods — Project Link ME 102B, Mechatronics Design
DES INV 201: Debates in Design (MDes)
Innovation Catalysts Grant Recipients, Ignite & Spark Grantees
Program overview
Balance Board Math (Ignite) Smell Revived (Ignite)
Advanced Imaging Tools With Rapid and Efficacious T-Cell Labeling to Bring CAR-T Cell Immunotherapies to Patients With Solid Tumors (Ignite) Development of an Affordable Brushless Motor Controller for Small Scale Robotics Application (Spark)
Nanodext (Ignite) FairAir (Spark)
Bear Air (Ignite) BudE (Spark)
Independent Groups and Projects
Space Enterprise at Berkeley Brand Identity & Graphic Design DeCal
Prana Design and Development of an Integrated Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
Spherical Gear