Video Overviews

Jacobs Hall’s Makerspaces comprise a rich ecosystem of facilities, services, personnel, and events. Some of those offerings, like our new Jacobs Project Support (JPS) service and Self-Service 3D Printing (SSP), are fully remote and open to all members of the UC Berkeley community. Check out the videos below for more information about our offerings!

Fabrication How-To

In this Jacobs Makerspace Overview, Student Supervisor Jennifer goes over the fabrication tools available through the Jacobs Makerspace, including CAD/CAM software packages, manufacturing techniques, and the affordances and limitations of our machines.

JPS Overview

In this overview, Technical Director Joey Gottbrath describes our remote fabrication service, JPS, through which members of the UC Berkeley community can have parts created using Jacobs Hall facilities.

3D Printing How-To

In this video, Design Technician Nicole Panditi describes the process for 3D printing to one of Jacobs Hall's Ultimaker printers. Follow these instructions to be generating your own 3D parts in no time! 3D printing has never been easier.

JPS How-To

In this tutorial, Design Specialist Chris Parsell outlines our high-level procedures for files submitted for fabrication through our Jacobs Project Support portal.

For external video resources on related tools and processes, check out the following Jacobs Institute YouTube playlists: