Video Tutorials

August 20, 2020 | 2:20 pm

Welcome to our Jacobs Makerspace Tutorials repository! Below you’ll find video how-tos on all of the resources Jacobs has to offer. This page is under construction, so check back throughout the semester for updates. If you’re an instructor and you have a video you’d like us to develop for your class, please contact Some topics we are planning on covering include:

  • General Resources
    • All about Jacobs Project Support (JPS): Who can use it, where to sign up, and how to begin submitting parts. See this material in writing at our Fall 2020 info page.

      • All about Makerfleet 3D Printing with Nicole Panditi:

      • How to gain access to design software (Coming soon!)
  • Software-specific Tutorials:
    • Fusion 360
      • Generative Design with Cody Glen:

      • Extended tutorial – creating a laser-cut gear train for submission through JPS with Adam Hutz. Note: if you’re only looking for “formatting Adobe Illlustrator files for JPS,” skip to Part 2. A more concise video on this subject coming soon!

        • Adobe Illustrator
          • Creating and formatting a new document
          • Formatting images found in the wild
          • Nesting parts for all services
          • Formatting for laser cutting acrylic and wood
          • Formatting for vinyl cutting sticker and heat-press materials
          • Formatting for FabLight Metal Cutting
          • Formatting for OMAX Water Jetting
  • Machine-specific Tutorials:
    • Laser Cutter
      • JPS laser cutters: their uses and limitations
      • How to format a file for submission to JPS for laser cutting
      • How to submit a file for JPS laser cutting
    • Makerfleet 3D Printing
      • How to prepare an STL for submission to Makerfleet
      • How to submit a file to Makerfleet
      • How to download and prepare an STL from the Internet

And much more! To submit a request for a specific tutorial, email