Check out the below tutorials individually, or view our combined tutorials playlist here.


3D Printing How-To

Want to start designing your own 3D-printed parts but not sure where to begin? In this video Effie Jia demonstrates how to sketch out a simple chess piece in Rhino, save it as an STL file, and then process that file with a slicer for 3D printing.

Fabrication How-To

In this Jacobs Makerspace Tutorial, Student Supervisor Jennifer goes over the fabrication tools available through the Jacobs Makerspace, including CAD/CAM software packages, manufacturing techniques, and the affordances and limitations of our machines.

JPS How-To

In this tutorial, Design Specialist Chris Parsell outlines our high-level procedures for files submitted for fabrication through our Jacobs Project Support portal.

3D Printing How-To

In this video, Jacobs Design Technician Nicole Panditi introduces our brand new service, SSP, or "Jacobs Self-Service 3D Printing," for campus use.

Software How-To

In this video, Jacobs Institute's Josh DeWitt tells you everything you need to know about formatting Adobe Illustrator files for laser cutting through our JPS system.

JPS How-To

In this video, Design Specialist Adam Hutz gives a high-level overview of the process of generating and submitting CAM files (hosted in F3D files) for fabrication through the Jacobs Makerspace's remote access JPS system.

Process How-To

In this Jacobs Makerspace Tutorial, Design Specialist Adam Hutz discusses one process for casting flexible parts using inexpensive 3D-printed PLA molds.

Equipment How-To

The Jacobs Makerspace is proud to introduce J-DESK, the Jacobs Distance Education Streaming Kiosk, as a hub for both live and recorded content creation by Jacobs faculty and staff.