Below we’ve collected a variety of quick tutorials on software, machines, and processes used in the Jacobs Hall Makerspaces. Check out those tutorials individually below, or view our combined playlist here. If you have a tutorial you would like to see produced by Jacobs Hall staff, please email jacobsinstitute@berkeley.edu.


Software How-To

In this Jacobs Makerspace Tutorial, Jacobs Hall Student Supervisor Effie Jia illustrates how to model a tabbed box in Rhino, and then cut the resulting profiles on one of our Universal Laser Cutters.

3D Printing How-To

Want to start designing your own 3D-printed parts but not sure where to begin? In this video Effie Jia demonstrates how to sketch out a simple chess piece in Rhino, save it as an STL file, and then process that file with a slicer for 3D printing.

Process How-To

In this Jacobs Makerspace Tutorial, Design Specialist Adam Hutz discusses one process for casting flexible parts using inexpensive 3D-printed PLA molds.

JPS How-To

In this video, Design Specialist Adam Hutz gives a high-level overview of the process of generating and submitting CAM files (hosted in F3D files) for fabrication through the Jacobs Makerspace's remote access JPS system.

Software How-To

In this video, Jacobs Institute's Josh DeWitt tells you everything you need to know about formatting Adobe Illustrator files for laser cutting through our JPS system.

Process How-To

Arianna Ninh, a former Berkeley undergraduate and student supervisor at the Jacobs Institute, shows you how to make a Massironi shelf. For full instructions and resources, visit: http://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Cut-Massironi-Shelf/

Process How-To

DS Adam describes how to use a Fusion 360 CAM template (linked in description) to apply existing toolpaths to solid models. Part 1 describes key variables in several common toolpaths, while Part 2 shows how to apply those toolpaths to an existing model.

For external video resources on related tools and processes, check out the following Jacobs Institute YouTube playlists: