For Student Groups

August 2, 2016 | 1:09 pm

Student groups are essential parts of the Jacobs Institute community. We provide meeting, teaching, and event space in Jacobs Hall for student clubs and DeCals focused on design and technological innovation. 10C (the Design Lounge), 210, 220, and 310 Jacobs are all reservable for student activities; you can read about 210, 220, and 310 Jacobs here and about the Design Lounge here.

Access Policy

Use of Jacobs Hall facilities may be revoked if a group is found to be violating building access and safety policies, including:

  • Student groups are responsible for leaving the space used in good condition. This includes furniture being reset, no spills or damage, waste being properly recycled/composted/disposed of, etcetera.
  • Extended hours building access is restricted to Maker Pass holders and members of approved student clubs; if your class/event ends after hours, ensure that participants exit the building unless they are in one of these groups.


Student Club Meeting Space

Request spring 2019 regular club meeting space via this form; apply by Monday, November 19th for priority consideration. Club meetings should fall within Jacobs Hall’s extended access hours. All club members will need cardkey access to Jacobs Hall for after-hours and weekend meetings.

To reserve space for one-time events involving non-club members, see the Student Events section below. If you would like to add your group to the list of design-related student organizations on our website, please email

Club Maker Pass

The application for 2018-2019 Club Maker Passes is now closed. Information about the 2019-2020 Club Maker Pass program will be posted in late spring.

In recognition of the important role that student clubs have in the Jacobs community, we are introducing a pilot Club Maker Pass program. Student groups can apply to purchase Maker Passes for their members at a reduced annual rate ($400 for five, $800 for ten, or $1,200 for fifteen fall+spring Maker Passes). The annual fee is due at the start of the fall semester, is nonrefundable, and must be paid via official club funds.

Club officers are responsible for allocating these Maker Passes, and for submitting a list of designated members so that their access can be activated. Club Maker Passes cannot be transferred between different individuals during a semester; clubs can, however, update their lists at the start of the spring semester. 

Each participating club will offer one design workshop per semester to benefit the student community. The workshops must be accessible to all Berkeley students (free and open to non-club members), serve at least 20 students who are not part of the club, and teach skills-building design content.


DeCals – Teaching Space

We host DeCals from all disciplines, so long as they align with the Jacobs Institute’s mission and would benefit from Jacobs Hall’s teaching facilities. As with all Jacobs Hall courses, we encourage DeCal students to participate in the community activities that take in Jacobs Hall (e.g., the Jacobs Design Showcase).

Request spring 2019 regular DeCal teaching space via this form; apply by Monday, November 19th for priority consideration.

DeCals – Department Sponsorship

The deadline for DES INV 98 and 198 DeCals proposals for spring 2019 has passed. Look for information about fall 2019 proposals to be announced during the spring semester.

The Jacobs Institute sponsors DeCals that explore topics in design and technological innovation. To apply, submit all of the following information to To find the files for documents 1-4 and instructions for filling them out, visit the Academic Senate’s Student-Facilitated Course Information webpage.

  1.  Course Proposal Form
    • For course number, choose either 98 (lower division course) or 198 (upper division course), not both. All undergraduates can enroll in either course number, regardless of class standing.
    • For the answer to question 7, write Amy Dinh.
    • The completed form should have the signature of the Lead Student Facilitator and Faculty Instructor of Record at the bottom.
  2. Detailed Syllabus
  3. Unit Value/Workload Worksheet
  4. Faculty Sponsor Letter of Support
  5. Facilitator Hiring Data Form (required for each facilitator)
  6. Decal Scheduling Form


Student Events

The Jacobs Institute supports student events related to design and technology innovation by providing Jacobs Hall event space. Jacobs does not charge room rental fee for student design events, but organizers of large, after-hours events may need to pay for janitorial services from Bear Brigade and/or hire a Security Patrol Officer from UCPD.

If your student group is interested in hosting an event at Jacobs Hall, please fill out the student event space request form; a Jacobs Institute staff person will follow up with you. Apply at least four weeks before your proposed event to ensure adequate turnaround time.

Please note that the building use policies outlined on the Jacobs Hall Space Rental page apply to all events, including student-run events.


Closet storage space is available for use by clubs and DeCals, but bear in mind that it is a shared space, so not recommended for large, delicate, or valuable materials. All materials must be cleared out of the closets at the end of the semester.