August 27, 2021 | 11:12 am


Q: How do I sign up for access?

A: The JPS registration form is here.

Q: Does JPS have a capacity limit?

A: For the Fall semester there will be no capacity limit.  Please note, however, that despite no limit to registration, the tiered system will prioritize registration and project management (see the question below).

Q: Are JPS projects fabricated in the order of their receipt?

A: Yes and no. Projects will be fabricated in the order of their receipt within their tier group. Due to staffing limitations, projects will be prioritized in the order of their tier, ie: a project from tier 1 will be prioritized before a project in tier 4, regardless of the submission order. Please understand that, in order to best serve our student and research community, we will have to prioritize work coming from these two groups before we can facilitate projects from outside submissions.

Q: Will we still be purchasing materials through the Jacobs Shopify store?

A: Although we will still be using the Jacobs Shopify store, materials orders through the JPS program will be made to your account automatically. After a design specialist determines the number of materials necessary for your part, you will be sent a quote. Once you approve that quote, your account will be charged, and, as with previous semesters, you will be billed at the end of the semester.

Q: How do we pick up parts?

A: Parts can be picked up at the east lobby of Jacobs Hall once they are ready.

Q: How do I get status updates on the project I submitted?

A: We have created an automated notification system that notifies applicants when their job has been accepted and completed. We have also automated the quoting process so that applicants will have the opportunity to approve costs before fabrication begins.

Q: What other resources for making and fabrication are available at Jacobs Hall and elsewhere?

A: We have an amazing lineup of Virtual Workshops available to everyone on campus! Check out videos of past sessions, or jump into a weekly series. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates!

The CITRIS Invention Lab’s SnapFab Program is also available as a resource. Please visit their page for updated information.

Q: Can I buy into a higher tier? 

A: In order to accurately manage our capacity and user base, we are not allowing upgrades.

Q: How do I pay my material charges?

A: As in previous semesters, all materials fees will be tallied at the end of the semester, and billed to your CalCentral account. An email will be sent a few weeks before the end of the semester with instructions for opting-out of CalCentral billing and paying by other means.

Q: How do I request the use of a specific tool or piece of equipment?

A: Those with JPS access can submit a job request through the JPS page directly.