December 22, 2015 | 3:16 pm

Project team: Jackson Huynh, Mitchell Karns, April Dawn Kester, Dana Mun, Bryan Munar

Course: User Interface Design, fall 2015

WareComm is a wearable communication app targeted towards retail warehouse employees. The app, designed for use with a smartwatch, includes four core features. These features allow users to quickly look up which employees are working; to broadcast an emergency code; to request help from all employees within a department; and to quickly ping an individual colleague.

In designing WareComm, the team interviewed retail warehouse employees and tested out prototypes with these users to identify core needs and to refine their design. WareComm’s final design aims to replace often-inconsistent legacy communication systems, instead offering an efficient means of improving communication between employees and improving workday experiences.

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Topics: Apps, Wearables