May 16, 2016 | 9:21 am

Project team: Zane Liu, Pedro Martinez, Will Porter, Eric Schade

Course: Designing for the Human Body, spring 2016

IMG_3089PEC-MAN is a portable, low-cost device designed to gamify and socialize standard workouts to help people reach their healthiest, happiest selves. The PEC-MAN prototype allows users to complete push-ups with friends in order to escape mischievous ghosts and survive in classic PAC-MAN style. Intended expansions would encompass well-known arcade games and workouts to enable even more fit and fun chaos.

PEC-MAN’s hardware includes a 3D-printed shell, 3-axis accelerometer, microcontroller, and arm straps. In developing PEC-MAN, the team drew from observations on fitness and activity levels, as well as on interest in video games and social workouts, among various demographic groups. Seeing a large market for fitness gamification, the PEC-MAN team considers this an area of opportunity for innovation.

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Topics: Health