Optical Aspects

January 27, 2021 | 2:08 pm

Team: Edward Bian, Jazalyn Cruz, Tanay Gopal Agarwal, Kasey Noguchi

Course: DES INV 15: Design Methodology

Approximately 64% of the global adult population wear glasses due to impaired vision. With the increased use of face masks due to COVID-19, glasses-wearers face additional difficulties balancing the comfort of a mask with their need for glasses. One of the most visible problems is lenses fogging up; which puts people at a higher risk of contracting the virus when they go to adjust their glasses, at it’s estimated that we touch our faces 16 times per hour. Another impact is associated with the eyestrain that comes with “Zoom Fatigue.”

Using the Internet as the only conduit to the outside world means spending hours a day staring at a screen, something that gets incredibly tiring. Given the wide quantity and variety of people possibly affected, as well as the consequences of and need to slow down COVID-19, the Optical Aspects team aimed to create glasses able to provide utility, safety and comfort in the pandemic setting.