May 24, 2021 | 2:20 pm

Team: Michelle Ahn, Meejin Choi, Elle Tran
Course: DES INV 21

With Yelp and Google Maps being a few of the most popular apps today, travelers frequently use these platforms to plan out new places to visit. However, top search results often include popular businesses founded by large corporations and chain stores due to high ratings. As a result, users are left with unauthentic travel experiences and struggle to discover local businesses. 

Geared to provide a unique travel experience and alleviate the stress of planning, Locally is a curated itinerary app and stamp card combined all into one. Users can input their location and interests to get an output of small businesses that they align with to visit throughout the day. The app suggests a detailed list of where to go, including places to eat, activities to do, and more. Along with this, users can get free products with the mobile and physical stamp card feature by making a certain amount of purchases at a local business.

Locally not only provides travelers with an itinerary, but the app also motivates users to be conscious about where they are spending their money and who they are contributing it towards. With options to support minority-owned locations, users can move towards closing the wealth gap and grow the businesses of those affected by systematic inequality. Through Locally, travelers can become immersed in the culture of the community around them and uplift the aspirations of the real, passionate people who found these businesses.