Project Z-Lo

May 26, 2020 | 10:04 am

Team: Kimberly Pack, Gregory Thomas, Kate Annette Medina, & Rena Yan

Course: UGBA 190C/TDPS 100/ART 100: Collaborative Innovation

As people scramble to manage contagion during a global health pandemic, there has been a resurgence of single-use waste along with the convenient rescission of environmental regulations. Landfills are overflowing; the recycling industry is collapsing; pollution is negatively impacting public health; and the environment will soon have more plastics than wildlife.

Due to public concerns about hygiene during the quarantine, the most effective and common reusable options, including bags, bottles, cups, takeout containers, and bulk-refillables have been temporarily shut-down. As a response, the team behind Project Z-Lo chose to focus on how consumers might practice health precautions and continue to help heal the earth even in a pandemic where single-use waste has, once again, become the norm. They designed the Project Z-Lo website to facilitate a safe return to sustainable, reuse practices during and after COVID-19. To reclaim the momentum of reuse practices, the Project Z-Lo website strives to assuage fears of COVID-19 transmission from reusables by promoting sanitation technology, safe reuse options, and a list of Berkeley businesses that welcome reusables.

Project Z-Lo: Guide to Survive a Single-Use Wasteland is proud to provide a convenient up-to-date hub to connect eco-conscious customers and merchants in Berkeley who are committed to reusables and advancing sustainability amidst a major health scare. Through the website, businesses can learn how to implement sanitation innovations. Consumers can easily ascertain the reuse and refillable status for local grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. The project brings attention to the single-use waste problem, shares sustainable tips, sponsors a space for community conversations and interactions, and offers eco-stickers or downloadable art to show support for sustainable practices.

Visit the team’s website to learn more and participate in their movement.