December 14, 2018 | 11:54 am

Project Team: Brian Aronowitz, Vedant Saran, & Bryce Schmidtchen

This semester, this grant team built an augmented reality (AR) instructions tool for Jacobs Hall. They initially designed it as a viewing platform for AR instructions, but the project evolved to become an AR instruction creation tool as well. For the first month of the semester, the team focused on designing and testing image-based AR instructions for using the Universal laser cutter.

Although these instructions were compelling, how the Jacobs makerspace staff responded inspired a pivot in the project. There was interest in the instruction modules, but mostly focused on how staff could create more instructions or change existing instructions after this grant project ended. The team realized that this was the key problem they should try to solve: giving the Jacobs institute a flexible tool to create engaging instructional material on an ongoing basis; they changed our focus to creating this tool.