Spring 2020 Maker Pass Refund FAQ

April 2, 2020 | 3:27 pm

Due to the unforeseen makerspace closure that began on March 14, 2020, the Jacobs Institute will be refunding 50% of the semester access fee to all spring 2020 Maker Pass holders. This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the refund process.

1. How will the refund process work and when will I get my refund?

It depends on what type of Maker Pass you have and how you paid. Please review the questions below that pertain to your situation. 

2. What do I need to do to make sure I receive my refund?

Please ensure that your electronic funds transfer (EFT) information and mailing address (in CalCentral for students and in UCPath for staff and faculty) are correct. It is important for you to double-check these now, to make sure your refund will be sent to the right place. This is the only action required on your part.

If you have EFT set up, then you will receive your refund via direct deposit. We highly recommend using EFT for a faster reimbursement time. If you do not have EFT set up, then a check will be sent to your current mailing address.

3. How will refunds work if I paid for a Standard Maker Pass through CalCentral or check?

Students, 50% of the Maker Pass fee will be credited to your CalCentral account automatically within two weeks, and then disbursed to you by EFT or check (see previous question). Staff and faculty will also receive refunds by EFT or check.

4. How will refunds work for Research Maker Passes?

50% of the Research Maker Pass fee will go back to the PI who funded your Research Maker Pass.

5. How will refunds work for Club Maker Passes?

Clubs in the Club Maker Pass program paid for full-year Maker Passes, so they will receive 25% refunds, i.e., the equivalent of a 50% refund for semester-long Maker Passes. Refunds will be sent to the account that made the original payment.

6. What if I had a need-based partial fee waiver?

You will receive a further 50% reduction on your access fee. Students receiving partial fee waivers have not yet been billed, but the additional discount will be reflected when the fee is posted to your CalCentral account, within 30 days.

7. I have been billed for my Maker Pass in my CalCentral account, but I have not paid the balance yet. Should I pay it now?

Please wait until after the 50% refund is applied to your account. 

8. What can I expect if I paid by IOC (chartstring)?

The Mechanical Engineering finance department will do a journal credit for the refund. No further action on your part is necessary. 

9. What if I didn’t use my Maker Pass often before access ended on March 14th?

The Maker Pass program is based on a flat fee model that covers access for the whole semester; the most equitable model for refunds is to prorate based on days of access rather than usage levels. We will also continue to provide remote resources to Maker Pass holders for the rest of the semester; please see the last question of this FAQ for more details.

10. With the physical makerspace closed, what resources are still available to Maker Pass holders?

We will continue to message out to the Maker Pass mailing list about new virtual workshops, Design Specialist office hours, and the Piazza group for sharing COVID-19-related opportunities.

If you have other questions, please contact jacobsinstitute@berkeley.edu.