Workshop session at Jacobs Hall

New Executive Education Program Launched

August 21, 2017 | 2:30 pm

From smart buildings to connected consumer products, the Internet of Things is reshaping the product and service landscape — more than 50 billion IoT-connected devices are expected by 2020. In this rapidly shifting context, the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of Design Innovation for the Internet of Things, a new open-enrollment program that invites engineering leaders, designers, and practitioners in a range of sectors to explore developments in IoT. In this two-day program, professionals will have an opportunity to delve into key concepts and emerging trends in IoT, learning from experts and applying concepts in hands-on prototyping sessions.

The course will take place at Jacobs Hall, a space built for hands-on design and fabrication. Leading the program will be Jacobs Institute faculty director Bjoern Hartmann, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences, who has worked with companies such as Google, Microsoft, IDEO, Autodesk, Adobe, and Pixar on projects in IoT and interactive technologies. Additional Berkeley Engineering faculty, along with industry leaders, will join Hartmann in sharing expert insights that participants can apply to a range of sectors.

Design Innovation for the Internet of Things is part of the Jacobs Institute’s broader lineup of opportunities to explore the intersection of human-centered design and emerging technology. The institute also offers custom programs for organizations interested in executive education on design innovation; for more information on developing custom offerings and other opportunities, please contact Emily Rice, director of programs and operations for the institute.

About the program: Design Innovation for the Internet of Things

Advances in design are often intricately interwoven with advances in fundamental technologies, and the most iconic products excel in both areas. This two-day course provides a framework for thinking about the co-evolution of design and technology, with a focus on emerging trends in the Internet of Things.

Leading faculty from the College of Engineering will lecture on IoT topics, explaining how this emerging technology is changing the product and service landscape from the body to the city, and why a human-centered design approach is essential in deploying new technologies successfully.

Industry experts will complement faculty-led sessions with case studies illustrating these concepts. In workshop sessions, participants will have a chance to bring ideas together through rapid prototyping.

The next dates for this program are TBA; please check back or sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear when the program will next be offered.

Topics: Internet of Things