Expanding The Jacobs Design Innovation Suite: Spring 2016 Offerings

October 20, 2015 | 2:15 pm

In the spring 2016 semester, the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation will expand the Jacobs Design Innovation Suitea group of lower-division courses that provide undergraduate students with a roadmap for design innovation. Three courses that debuted in the fall 2015 semester — DES INV 90-1, 90-2 and 90-3 — will welcome a new group of students for their second iterations in the spring.

Additionally, a new course, DES INV 90-4: Design Foundations, will provide students with an orientation to the broad field of design, introducing common concepts and contexts. The course is ideal for lower-division students who are curious about the many areas of design and are looking for a starting point for their explorations.

The courses that compose the Design Innovation Suite provide entry points to design concepts, processes and skills that students can use throughout their time at Berkeley and beyond. These courses can be taken simultaneously, in sequence or as stand-alones. They are open to students from across campus, have no prerequisites and require no previous experience.

DES INV 90-1: Introduction to Design Process
Rob Hennigar | 3 units | CCN: 18402
This fast-paced, collaborative course is aimed at teaching students to be more empathetic designers, able to visualize, create, present and evaluate ideas with others. Topics covered include uncovering areas for design exploration, developing empathy for end-users, framing and structuring problems, designing and developing concepts and the iterative process of refinement.

DES INV 90-2: Introduction to Prototyping & Fabrication
Chris Myers and Michael Shiloh | 3 units | CCN: 18409
This hands-on course allows students to dive into the basics of prototyping and fabrication. Topics and class activities include a range of techniques, such as laser-cutting, 3D modeling and 3D printing, soldering, basic circuits and interface mockups.

DES INV 90-3: Sketching & Visual Communication
Rob Hennigar | 3 units | CCN: 18412
In this course, students develop visual communication skills that are essential to design processes. Topics and assignments include sketching, storytelling, storyboarding, portfolio development and more.

DES INV 90-4: Design Foundations
Instructor TBA | 2 units | CCN: 18415
This course, ideal for students who are looking for an introduction to the broad world of design, covers design careers, design fields, histories of design and ethics in design. Students will gain language for analyzing and characterizing designs. As an introductory survey course, 90-4 is most appropriate for lower-division students.