Teaching Facilities & Resources

June 30, 2016 | 10:31 am


View Jacobs Hall’s building hours and teaching studio schedule. The teaching studios (210, 220, and 310 Jacobs) and the basement CAD/CAM lab are open during Jacobs Hall’s general hours. Extended hours access and equipment lab usage require a Maker Pass.

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Teaching Studios

Each of the Jacobs Hall teaching studios (210, 220, and 310 Jacobs Hall) is equipped with a projector, lecturer’s podium, moveable tables, whiteboards (mounted and rolling), and drop-down power cords.


Storage Space

The closets in each teaching studio have shelves and large storage bins available for storage, with priority given to classes. To reserve a storage bin, write your class name on the sticker on the bin. Because storage space is shared, we do not recommend storing anything delicate, valuable or bulky (e.g., larger than 24” x 12” x 12”) in the closets. Closets are cleared out at the end of each semester and any unclaimed items are disposed of.

There are also a limited number of lockable cabinets in 210 and 220 Jacobs, with shelves and trays, available to current instructors; please contact Joey Gottbrath if you would like to use one of these cabinets.


Office Hours

GSIs can hold office hours in 210, 220, and 310 Jacobs Hall during our general operating hours, when the rooms are not otherwise occupied. Please check the building schedule, then contact Amy Dinh with your reqested time (note that office hours have non-exclusive use of classroom space).

Prototyping Materials

Brainstorming and lo-fi prototyping materials, such as post-it notes, scissors, markers, and tape, are available for all classes to use and can be located in the 310 Jacobs back closet.

Students and instructors with Maker Passes can also purchase prototyping and fabrication materials from the Jacobs Hall material store; some materials, such as the Type A 3D printer filament and LED lights, are provided free of charge to Maker Pass holders.


Maker Pass

Your class can access four floors of prototyping and fabrication equipment with a Maker PassStudents can get Maker Passes by following these three steps.  

Lead instructors and GSIs teaching in Jacobs Hall get complimentary Maker Passes; you can bypass the first two steps and need only pass the General Workshop Safety training to get a Maker Pass.