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For Whom? By Whom?: Designs for Belonging – Spring Events at Jacobs Hall

This Spring, the Jacobs Institute invites a group of thinkers and practitioners to outline design’s blind spots and exclusions and share their thoughts on possibilities for a future of belonging.

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Fall Workshops at Jacobs Hall

This fall, a series of workshops offer students hands-on opportunities to learn new tools and techniques.

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Now soliciting proposals for Spring 2019 Innovation Catalyst grants

Innovation Catalyst student teams benefit from resources at Jacobs Hall, workshop ideas with fellow grantees, and receive up to $2,000 to further develop their projects. Applications are due January 1st!

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Design innovation then/now: Designing infrastructure

From 1868 to today, Berkeley students and faculty have played pioneering roles in designing infrastructure for California and the world.

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Courses: Summer 2019

COMP SCI 160: User Interface Design & Development

The design, implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces. User-centered design and task analysis. Conceptual models and interface metaphors. Usability inspection and evaluation methods. Analysis of user study data. Input methods (keyboard, pointing, touch, tangible) and input models. Visual design principles. Interface prototyping and implementation methodologies and tools. Students will develop a user interface for a specific task and target user group in teams.

Daniel Garcia | 4 units

DES INV 15: Design Methodology

This introductory course aims to expose you to the mindset, skillset and toolset associated with design. It does so through guided applications to framing and solving problems in design, business and engineering. Specifically, you will learn approaches to noticing and observing, framing and reframing, imagining and designing, and experimenting and testing as well as for critique and reflection. You will also have a chance to apply those approaches in various sectors.

Yoon Bahk | 3 units

DES INV 190-8: Creative Robotics: Social Machines

Machines are becoming ever more intelligent and many are starting to interface with humans on a social level. This class will focus on project-based creative and social applications of robotics through hands-on labs in a studio style format, culminating in a final project which will investigate themes of technology in society. This class provides opportunities for designers and artists to co-create with engineers and technologists, and while prior prototyping and/or coding knowledge is preferred, basic skills needed to build simple robotics will be reviewed during the early sessions.

TBD | 3 units

DES INV 22: Prototyping & Fabrication

This course teaches concepts, skills and methods required to design, prototype, and fabricate physical objects. Each week relevant techniques in 2D and 3D modeling and fabrication are presented, along with basic electronics. Topics include a range of prototyping and fabrication techniques including laser-cutting, 3D modeling and 3D printing, soldering, and basic circuits.

Chris Myers | 3 units