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Maker Labs

Two Student Projects Recognized in Innovation by Design Awards

Two student projects — an ecosystem of augmented power tools and a bioinspired water collection device — have been recognized in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards.

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Now in Residence: Artists at Jacobs Hall

The Jacobs Institute welcomes an inaugural cohort of three artists-in-residence, who will bring new ideas to life in Jacobs Hall during the fall semester.

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Halloween Makers’ Contest Judging and Party

See the results of the Jacobs Institute’s Halloween Makers’ Contest at our student Halloween party.

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Jacobs Design Conversations: Marc Tarpenning

Tesla co-founder Marc Tarpenning will speak at Jacobs Hall.

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Courses: Spring 2017

IB C32 / L&S C30Z: Bioinspired Design

Bioinspired design views the process of how we learn from nature as an innovation strategy, translating principles of function, performance, and aesthetics from biology to human technology. In this course, diverse teams of students will collaborate on, create, and present original bioinspired design projects. Lectures discuss the biomimicry design process from original scientific breakthroughs to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Robert Full | 3 units | Class number: 33127 (IB), 33107 (L&S)

PH 214: Eat. Think. Design.

Eat.Think.Design is a team-oriented, project-based course designed around the case-based and learning-by-doing models. Working with community partners on a public health issue related to food, student teams apply human-centered design skills to the problem, and design a solution with and for their community partner.

Kristine Madsen, Jaspal Sandhu, & Nap Hosang | 3 units | Class number: 32547

ME 122: Processing of Materials in Manufacturing

This is an upper-division elective on the processing of materials in manufacturing. The class places a strong focus on giving students opportunities to practice material and process selection to meet functional requirements. The class contains a substantial term-long project in which students work in teams to identify a product need, design a mechanical assembly to meet that need, and then select appropriate materials and processes for manufacturing several of the key components in their designs.

Hayden Taylor | 3 units | Class number: 27578

IEOR 170: Industrial Design and Human Factors

This course surveys topics related to the design of products and interfaces ranging from alarm clocks, cell phones, and dashboards to logos, presentations, and web sites. Design of such systems requires familiarity with Human Factors and Ergonomics, including the physics and perception of color, sound, and touch, as well as familiarity withcase studies and contemporary practices in interface design and usability testing. Students will solve a series of design problems individually and in teams.

Ken Goldberg | 3 units | Class number: 27352