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Project Spotlight

Maker Labs

Spring Jacobs Design Conversations Lineup Announced

In a series of lunchtime talks, four design leaders will share their insights and ideas with the Berkeley community.

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Celebrating a semester of design innovation

Students from ten of the first-ever courses held in Jacobs Hall showed off their design projects at the Jacobs Winter Design Showcase.

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WaterSeer Collider Project Kickoff

Billions of people globally suffer from a lack of clean drinking water and water scarcity for subsistence crops. Want to design and build a working prototype focused on water collection, working with a team of makers, fabricators, designers, environmental sciences and business majors? Learn more at this project kickoff.

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Jacobs Design Conversations: Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, Vice President of User Experience at LinkedIn, will speak on “What We Look for in World-Class User Experience Professionals.”

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Courses: Spring 2016

NWMEDIA 203/CS 294-85: Critical Making

Critical Making will operationalize and critique the practice of “making” through both foundational literature and hands-on studio culture. As hybrid practitioners, students will develop fluency in collaging and incorporating a variety of physical materials and protocols into their practice. With design research as a lens, students will envision and create future computational experiences that critically explore relevant technological themes.

Eric Paulos | 4 units | CCN: 63915 (New Media), 27426 (CS)

IEOR 170: Industrial Design and Human Factors

This course surveys topics related to the design of products and interfaces ranging from alarm clocks, cell phones and dashboards to logos, presentations and web sites. Design of such systems requires familiarity with Human Factors and Ergonomics, including the physics and perception of color, sound and touch, as well as familiarity with case studies and contemporary practices in interface design and usability testing. Students will solve a series of design problems both individually and in teams.

Ken Goldberg | 3 units | CCN: 41042

DES INV 190-2/ME 292C: Reimagining Slums

This cross-disciplinary pilot course is focused on redesigning slums. The class allows students to apply their disciplinary knowledge in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary effort that will teach design process, teaming and communications skills and their application to a truly “wicked problem.” Students will deeply immerse themselves in understanding the inner workings of slums, which will lead to the identification of specific project opportunities (e.g., improving sanitation, designing a birthing center, creating new governance systems).

Sara Beckman & David Dornfeld | 2 units | CCN: 18406 (DES INV) , 56409 (ME)

IB 32: Bioinspired Design

Bioinspired design views the process of how we learn from nature as an innovation strategy, translating principles of function, performance and aesthetics from biology to human technology. In this course, diverse teams of students will collaborate on, create, and present original bioinspired design projects. Lectures discuss the biomimicry design process from original scientific breakthroughs to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Robert Full | 3 units | CCN: 42148