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For Whom? By Whom?: Designs for Belonging – Spring Events at Jacobs Hall

This Spring, the Jacobs Institute invites a group of thinkers and practitioners to outline design’s blind spots and exclusions and share their thoughts on possibilities for a future of belonging.

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Fall Workshops at Jacobs Hall

This fall, a series of workshops offer students hands-on opportunities to learn new tools and techniques.

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Now soliciting proposals for Spring 2019 Innovation Catalyst grants

Innovation Catalyst student teams benefit from resources at Jacobs Hall, workshop ideas with fellow grantees, and receive up to $2,000 to further develop their projects. Applications are due January 1st!

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Design innovation then/now: Designing infrastructure

From 1868 to today, Berkeley students and faculty have played pioneering roles in designing infrastructure for California and the world.

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Courses: Spring 2019

COMPSCI 160/260: User Interface Design & Development

The design, implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces. User-centered design and task analysis. Conceptual models and interface metaphors. Usability inspection and evaluation methods. Analysis of user study data. Input methods (keyboard, pointing, touch, tangible) and input models. Visual design principles. Interface prototyping and implementation methodologies and tools. Students will develop a user interface for a specific task and target user group in teams.

Bjoern Hartmann | 4 units

COMPSCI 194-028/294-119: Computational Design and Fabrication

This class introduces computational techniques useful for design and fabrication and explores software compilation of high level 3D designs into simple and inexpensive parts ready for rapid manufacturing. Topics include: fabrication processes, material systems, and modern computational techniques for domain specific design, geometric transformations, and algorithmic preparation for fabrication.

Jonathan Bachrach | 4 unit

DES INV 10: Discovering Design

This course, ideal for students who are looking for an introduction to the broad world of design, covers design careers, design fields, histories of design and ethics in design. Students will gain language for analyzing and characterizing designs. In this course you will be learning design both from theoretical and historical perspectives, and from studio-based design exercises and projects. The weekly assignments and final projects will emphasize foundational design skills in observation, ideation, problem finding and problem solving, formgiving, communication, and critique.

Yoon Bahk | 2 units

DES INV 181 / ME 292C-1: Reimagining Mobility

In Reimagining Mobility, students will envision meaningful interactions between people and different transportation modalities. Looking 10-15 years into the future, they will address elements such as car sharing, public transportation, autonomous driving, and more. The first phase of the course will focus on the early stages of the design process, including problem framing and user research. The second phase of the course will focus on the latter stages of the design process, including proposing solutions, prototyping, and storytelling.

Purin Phanichphant | 3 units