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Project Spotlight

Maker Labs

Bringing Cutting-Edge 3D Printing to Berkeley

With the addition of a 3D printer that takes a new, photochemical approach to additive manufacturing, Jacobs Hall’s advanced prototyping lab continues to grow as a site of innovation.

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An Ecosystem of Impact

After a semester in which nearly 30 courses took place in Jacobs Hall, the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase offered a look at how an interdisciplinary ecosystem at Berkeley is fostering a focus on design for real impact.

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06.17.2016 - 06.23.2016

National Week of Making

The White House will celebrate the 2016 National Week of Making from June 17 through June 23. Libraries, museums, rec centers, schools, universities and community spaces are invited to support and grow the number of citizen-makers by hosting events, making commitments, and highlighting new innovations.

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Food Inno

The Berkeley-Stanford Food Innovation & Design Symposium aims to bring together a community of academic researchers, entrepreneurs, chefs, designers and students to share perspectives of food innovation and to design the future of food.

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Courses: Fall 2016

CE 186: Design of Cyber Physical Systems

This course involves the design and prototype of large-scale technology intensive systems. Possible design projects, incorporating infrastructure systems and areas such as transportation and hydrology, include watershed sensor networks, robot networks for environmental management, mobile Internet monitoring, open societal scale systems, crowd-sources applications, traffic management and more.

Scott Moura | 3 units | Class number: 26687

CS294-84 / ME290U: Interactive Device Design

This course teaches concepts and skills required to design, prototype, and fabricate interactive devices and smart hardware products. The first half of the semester is dedicated to a survey of relevant techniques in 3D modeling and fabrication; electronics and circuit board design; sensing and actuation for interaction; embedded software development, wired and wireless communication with mobile devices, computers, and networks; and user interface programming. In the second half of the semester, students carry out a significant design project of their own choice in groups.

Bjoern Hartmann & Paul Wright | 4 units | Class number: 33264 (CS), 28558 (ME)

IEOR 186: Product Management Essentials

Too often, enamored in our brilliant ideas, we skip the most important part: building products consumers will want and use. Precious time and effort are wasted on engineering perfect products only to launch to no users. This course teaches product management skills such as reducing risk while accelerating time to market, product life cycle and stakeholder management.

Ken Sandy | 3 units | Class number: 28074

BioE 292: Senior Design Projects

In this course, advanced bioengineering design theory is accompanied by project-based learning in small teams around need-based solutions for biomedicine. Course content includes solution generation (ideation) and selection, setting specifications, hands-on prototyping, and quantitative testing, as well as aspects of regulation, intellectual property, and project management.

Amy Herr | 4 units | Class number: 26317