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Jacobs Institute hiring for tenure-track role

The Jacobs Institute is seeking applications for a tenure-track faculty position, at the Assistant Professor level, at the intersection of design and emerging technologies.

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New course to tap UC Berkeley’s diversity and maker spirit

Berkeley News — Bob Full, professor of integrative biology, has received a $1 million grant to support curriculum in bioinspired design, drawing from Berkeley’s making culture and resources like Jacobs Hall.

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Making abstract ideas tangible: Five questions with Purin Phanichphant

In this Q&A, artist, designer, and Jacobs Institute lecturer Purin Phanichphant discusses visual communication, creative collaboration, and bringing together analog and digital tools.

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Connectivity as Human Right

In a talk co-hosted by the Jacobs Institute and the Berkeley Center for New Media, MIT Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte will speak at Berkeley.

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Courses: Spring 2018

DES INV 190-2: Global Product Development

Global Product Development is a project-based course that aims to educate students about the process of translating a functional prototype into a commercial, consumer-ready product. This course will provide a high-level overview of the many important aspects of product commercialization, including design for manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, intellectual property and regulatory certification, and more. Each class meeting will be divided between lecture, often featuring guest lectures with real-world experience, and project work time.

Emily Au | 3 units | Class number: 15543

DES INV 190-1 / ME 292B: Reimagining Mobility: Design Development and Delivery

In this two-semester sequence of project-based courses, students envision meaningful interactions between people and different transportation modalities, looking 10-15 years into the future and addressing elements such as car sharing, public transportation, autonomous driving, and more. The fall course focused on the early stages of the design process, including problem framing and user research, while the follow-on course in the spring focuses on the latter stages: proposing solutions, prototyping, storytelling. The course is taught an expert design instructor, with additional feedback from mentors from the Ford Research and Innovation Center. The courses are structured such that students may enroll in both the fall and spring offerings, or only one, as their interests and schedules dictate.

Instructor TBD | 3 units | Class number: 15542

TDPS 100 / ART 100 / UGBA 190T-2: Collaborative Innovation

What does innovation have to do with body movement, staging plays, socially engaged art, and business model design? This class, jointly taught by faculty from Theater and Dance Performance, Art Practice and Business, exposes you to perspectives on innovation from each discipline, and then allows you to practice collaborating among disciplines to take on a meaningful, high-impact challenge of interest to you.

Sara Beckman, Lisa Wymore, Sean San Jose, & Takming Chuang | 4 units | Class number: 31034 (TDPS), 22397 (ART), 17247 (UGBA)

CS 194-028 / 294-119: Computational Design and Fabrication

This class introduces computational techniques useful for design and fabrication and explores software compilation of high level 3D designs into simple and inexpensive parts ready for rapid manufacturing. Topics include: fabrication processes, material systems, and modern computational techniques for domain specific design, geometric transformations, and algorithmic preparation for fabrication.

Jonathan Bachrach | 4 units | Class number: 41670 (194), 41669 (294)