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Project Spotlight

Maker Labs

Wall Panel Design Competition

Through a fast-paced concept competition, UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff were given the opportunity to contribute to the...

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Jacobs Hall Grand Opening Celebration

Join us for a festive celebration as we open the doors of the newly constructed Jacobs Hall, home to...

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Amazing Designs Emerge From UC Berkeley’s 3D Printing Designathon

3Dprint.com- Students from Design Engineering Collaborative, 3D Modeling Club, and the Design Council hosted a 3D printing designathon, with...

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WATCH: Don Norman on The San Diego Design Lab

Dr. Norman discusses the origins and current status of the newly formed UC San Diego Design Lab with its...

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Courses: Fall 2015

BioE 192: Senior Design Projects

This semester-long course introduces students to bioengineering project-based learning in small teams, with a strong emphasis on need-based solutions for real medical and research problems through prototype solution selection, design and testing.

Hayley Lam, W 1-5pm

CEE 186: Design of Cyber-Physical Systems

Design and prototype of large-scale technology intensive systems. Design project incorporating infrastructure systems and areas such as transportation and hydrology; for example, watershed sensor networks, robot networks for environmental management, mobile Internet monitoring, open societal scale systems, crowd-sources applications, traffic management.

Scott Moura, MW 2-4pm

NWMEDIA 190-1: Critical Practices: people places participation

A hands-on, studio design course where students work at the intersection of technological innovation and socially engaged art. Students integrate digital fabrication tools with social design methods to create work that engages in cultural critique. Working with innovative technologies and radical, new art practices, this course explores hybrid art forms, critical design for community engagement, interventions in public spaces, tactical media and disobedient objects. 

Eric Paulos and Jill Miller, MW 10am-12pm

CS 294/ME 290: Interactive Device Design

This course teaches concepts and skills required to design, prototype and fabricate interactive devices — physical objects that intelligently respond to user input and enable new types of interactions. Half of the semester will be dedicated to a survey of relevant techniques; in the remaining weeks, students will propose and carry out a significant design project in groups.

Paul Wright, Björn Hartmann, MW 10:30am-12pm