September 3, 2015 | 3:12 pm

Team: Greta Gardner, Alex Greenspan, Andy Mah, Jonathan Shum

Course: Interactive Seating Design Competition, Spring 2015

“Your chair. Any way you want it.” That’s how designers Greta Gardner, Alex Greenspan, Andy Mah and Jonathan Shum describe Lean, a chair that uses a module slat system and rotating handles to move between forms.

How does it work? A threaded locking mechanism allows Lean to transform into a myriad of form factors, including the three distinct shapes highlighted below: the standard chair, the lounge chair and the perch.

With this capacity for transformation, Lean can fulfill a variety of needs and preferences, from lumbar support to spine-friendly perching ability. Its health-conscious design provides a dynamic, adaptable seating experience for users.

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Topics: CNC