SpotBot prototype, including monitor showing screen display, bench press setup, and mechanical components


May 19, 2017 | 4:27 pm

Project team: Brock Csira, Junaid Maknojia, Tyler Newman, Rachelle Rosano, Larry Ross, Vivek Srivatsa, Eric Yehl

Courses: Introduction to New Product Development / Mechatronics Design / Advanced Programming with MATLAB, spring 2017

A project developed across multiple courses, SpotBot is a mechatronic free weight assistant. The machine can dynamically control the apparent weight of a barbell while preserving the natural feel of barbell exercise, and it automatically spots the user in the event of lifting failure. Its additional features include options for choosing custom workouts and recording high-resolution workout performance data.

The machine is controlled by a software suite that was built in MATLAB. In addition to the back-end control environment that analyzes and actuates the machine’s electronics, the software includes a complete user account system, a workout designer tool, and a live workout interface that guides users and provides realtime feedback. The fully functional prototype integrates the team’s custom-designed sensor and drive systems, which are controlled by the MATLAB control environment through an Arduino.

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