May 13, 2016 | 4:48 pm

P5013483Project team: Nada Alameddine, Justin Berner, Eldon Schoop, Eugene Song, Janette Tang

Course: Critical Making, spring 2016

Max is a set of wallets whose personalities can be as diverse as the people who carry them around. United by a universal form and branded with the Max logo, each unique wallet is designed with a different material and has idiosyncratic features, meaning that there is a Max meant for a variety of possible personas. When the user opens the wallet or grabs for their card — from credit card to metro card — the wallet emits an audio-visual, emotive response that provides subtle, whimsical reminders of their user’s spending habits. By increasing awareness of financial activity and endowing the everyday wallet with a personalized, playful identity, Max seeks to be your new, pocket-sized sidekick.


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Topics: Speculative design