Tap Switch

September 15, 2017 | 9:45 am

Project team:  Arnav Chaturvedi, Dominic Chiavacci, Roger Isied, James Napoli, Aldo Suseno

Course: Introduction to Product Development, summer 2017

TapSwitch is a device that users can install over their light switches, allowing them to remotely control their switches. Throughout their design process, the TapSwitch team aimed to create an inexpensive, noninvasive remote light switch that would meet the needs of people living in temporary living spaces, such as college students and young professionals.

Their current prototype is compatible with the two most common modern switches without requiring any adjustments on the part of the user: to install the device, users unscrew the two face-plate screws on the front of their switch and replace the face-plate with the TapSwitch device. Once TapSwitch is installed, the light switch can be operated remotely via an infrared sensor, or manually via a button on the front of the device.  In future iterations, the team plans to incorporate smartphone and wifi technology into the device, and to include user-feedback indicator lights as part of the system.


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