May 19, 2021 | 12:13 pm

Team: Erin Kraemer, Dorsa Moslehi, Nseke Ngilbus, Taylor Birdsong
Innovation Catalysts Ignite Grant Recipients, Spring 2021

The idea for Shotline was sparked after a conversation Erin Kraemer had with her 93 year-old neighbor, Marie Kolstad, while out for her daily walk. Marie needed assistance securing her COVID-19 vaccine—a familiar scenario for many with older technology and less familiarity with computers. Erin was able to help Marie book an appointment within 15 minutes, inspiring Erin to reach out to her fellow Fung Fellowship Honors teammates and Innovation Catalysts Ignite grant recipients to see if they could create a system to help bridge digital divides for those seeking access to care. Together with Dorsa Moslehi, Taylor Birdsong, and Nseke Ngilbus, the team launched Shotline in February 2021.

With much of the health equity efforts being internet-based, Shotline provides free and confidential support to people needing help accessing vaccine appointments due to technological barriers. The team focuses on community outreach to help those struggling with technological or language barriers to secure vaccine appointments in California, helping 6-10 new people a day with a 100% success rate in scheduling an appointment. Rather than relying on California’s vaccine website, Shotline is a hotline for people to call in for assistance in booking, making it possible for older populations and those with less access to technology to receive the care and attention they deserve. The team has found it most effective to raise awareness about their efforts through in-person outreach, flyering, and word of mouth. They have also been using Alameda’s County resources to share information about the vaccines efficacy, using data to encourage those with questions about the vaccine to sign up.

Each team member has applied their own range of skills and passions to contribute to the project’s overall effectiveness. Erin leads the tech development and has taken on the role of product manager; Dorsa coordinates volunteers and manages operations; Taylor is the communications strategist; and Nseke manages community outreach, taking the lead on outreach to Black and Brown community organizations.

Shotline is currently recruiting volunteers, especially those who are bilingual and able to assist patients whose primary language is not English. All interested parties can visit their website for more information about volunteering.

Learn more about Shotline by visiting their website.