The Maker Launchpad — Program Benefits and Opportunities

February 4, 2022 | 3:29 pm


The Maker Launchpad is so much more than academic credits! Students who participate in the program receive dedicated studio space, access to our renowned Makerspace, opportunities to collaborate with our Design Team, project mentorship, and career support. 

Hands-on Maker Education

The Jacobs Institute was founded with the goal of bringing UC Berkeley’s academic strengths to the forefront of design and engineering education. Our hands-on approach combines the classroom and Makerspace—giving students the opportunity to learn the intricacies of how things work alongside the tools and skills to build for themselves. Both courses in the Maker Launchpad program allow students optimal time in the Makerspace—a space where projects come to life and experimentation is encouraged. 

Our Makerspace is operated by a team of student workers and design mentors. Our Design Specialists are practicing artists, designers, and engineers. As experts in their respected fields, Design Specialists provide project mentorship for all students in the Makerspace, as well as assist with equipment, tools, and making materials. 

Collaborative Studio Space

Students who take part in the program have a dedicated desk space in our second-floor studio. The home of the Master of Design program during the regular academic year, this space provides a fluid working environment, where students can easily collaborate and exchange ideas. In addition to the support from our Design Staff in the Makerspace, students have on-site studio support from a small team of graduate students.

Career Support

With an eye towards exploring a career in design, students in the Maker Launchpad Program receive 1:1 career coaching as well as tailor-made career panels and group coaching. 

With Berkeley’s close proximity to the Bay Area creative arts and technology industries, students have the opportunity to participate in events with industry professionals.

AR/VR Workshop

This summer the Launchpad also features a six-hour AR/VR workshop to introduce you to the basics of app development in these cutting-edge media. Whether you’re interested in exploring the intersection of design and VR for a project, practice, or career, or simply in demonstrating a versitility of skills and experiences to potential employers, this workshop is your foundation.