Summer 2017 Courses

May 10, 2017 | 10:01 am

This page lists courses that will be held in Jacobs Hall during summer 2017. For more information on summer sessions, visit the Berkeley Summer Sessions website. To see Jacobs Hall course listings from other semesters, please visit our primary course listings page.

CS 160: User Interface Design

This course covers the design, implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces, including user-centered design and task analysis; conceptual models and interface metaphors; usability inspection and evaluation methods; analysis of user study data; input methods (keyboard, pointing, touch, tangible) and input models; visual design principles; interface prototyping; and implementation methodologies and tools. Students will develop a user interface for a specific task and target user group in teams.

Session C | Cesar Torres | 4 units | Class number: 14061

DES INV 22: Prototyping & Fabrication

Topics include a range of prototyping and fabrication techniques including laser-cutting, 3D modeling and 3D printing, soldering, basic circuits and interface mockups.

Session A | Chris Myers & Michael Shiloh | 3 units | Class number: 15584

DES INV 190-001: Design Thinking: Methods, Skills, and Mindsets

Solve real-world problems using a design thinking approach. Students will go through the entire product development pathway in five modules. Within each module, students will learn from a versatile library of proven design methodologies aimed to support the design innovation process. There will be an emphasis on hands-on innovative thinking and professional practice. Class time will be dedicated to studio sessions that engage students in practical applications and design coaching. We will engage professionals from industry as guest speakers and coaches throughout the course. Students will leave the course with an increased skill set in design methods and will have the option to receive certification on each method they have mastered.

Session D | Euiyoung Kim | 2 units | Class number: 15996

DES INV 190E-001: Interactive Device Design

This course involves the design and prototype of large-scale technology intensive systems. Possible design projects, incorporating infrastructure systems and areas such as transportation and hydrology, include watershed sensor networks, robot networks for environmental management, mobile Internet monitoring, open societal scale systems, crowdsourced applications, traffic management and more.

Session B | Andrew Milmoe | 4 units | Class number: 15934

ME 110: Introduction to Product Development

This course provides project-based learning experience in innovative new product development, with a focus on mechanical engineering systems. Design concepts and techniques are introduced, and the student’s design ability is developed in a design or feasibility study chosen to emphasize ingenuity and provide wide coverage of engineering topics. Relevant software will be integrated into studio sessions, including solid modeling and environmental life cycle analysis. Design optimization and social, economic, and political implications are included. All product ideas will be evaluated against the “triple bottom line”: economic, societal and environmental. Both individual and group oral presentations are made, and participation in a final tradeshow-type presentation is required.

Session B | Vivek Rao | 3 units | Class number: 14404