Sustainable Residential Designs for Berkeley

May 17, 2016 | 3:58 pm

Course: Innovative Sustainable Residential Design, spring 2016

QK4A2679 (1)Innovative Sustainable Residential Design, a course that brought together architecture and structural/civil engineering students, took place in Jacobs Hall in spring 2016. The premise of the course was the notion that a better building would result if architecture and engineering were considered together from the beginning of the design process. This approach is significantly different from current practice, in which an architect is tasked with generating a design and an engineer is then expected to apply mathematics to make it stand up.

As the final assignment for the course, architecture and structural/civil engineering students formed teams to address various aspects of the innovative design of a residential building in Berkeley, including architectural and structural elements, sustainability and energy use, construction, and harmonious interaction with the building’s surrounding community. The innovative team designs were presented to the faculty and class at the end of semester and shared with the public at the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase.

Learn more about the course in this story about the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase.

Topics: Sustainability